Tuesday October 3, 2006

Around Downtown

around Downtown Miami

My new photo set, taken around downtown, mostly here, in the area just west of the Cultural Center. According to the Miami River Commission, this area is supposed to contain “office buildings, condos, and river-oriented commercial businesses,” but as you can see, it mostly appears to contain abandoned, gutted buildings and empty lots. I’ve inclued specific Google Maps links with some of the photos; let me know if any other locations are unclear.

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  1. Rebecca Carter    Tue Oct 3, 03:10 PM #  

    Alesh, these turned out incredible!

  2. adam    Tue Oct 3, 05:36 PM #  

    nice stuff.

  3. Miami Transit Man    Tue Oct 3, 06:18 PM #  

    Great Job Alesh…As usual…