Friday September 29, 2006

Home Depot to build in the Grove

proposed home depot design has trees along the street and a sloped roof

It appears that Grove residents have lost the fight, and the Grove Depot is going forward. On the other hand, maybe what they got for their trouble is a much more neighborhood-aware, smaller design. But they sure aren’t satisfied. Although some disagree that it’s much of a compromise.

I guess I just don’t get it. This is a gigantic property along US-1 which formerly held a K-Mart. Is having a Home Depot and a Milams there really the end of the world?

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  1. J-J    Fri Sep 29, 09:41 AM #  

    I can’t believe it, that’s a pretty agressive move from the Depot. I just hope that we can keep them out of Miami Beach. I mean how many more Home Depo’s do we really need anyways?

  2. alesh    Fri Sep 29, 10:16 AM #  

    I guess I’ll have to confess to not getting it. I mean, there was a big-box retailer on that property before. They want to replace it with another big box retailer. Did Home Depot steal the land? Doesn’t Coconut Grove have lots of homes? I’d almost expect a Home Depot to be welcome…

  3. J-J    Fri Sep 29, 10:57 AM #  

    I know what you mean. I also find it a little bit ironic that they are not going to have their supermarket after 2008- the new Home Depot will move in after the supermarket lease is over. The fact that they had that huge K-Mart was what made it hard for them to justify not having a Depot.

    That said, I really don’t one a Depot on the Beach .

  4. Verticus    Fri Sep 29, 11:01 AM #  

    Chalk up another one who doesn’t get it. From today’s Herald story, it looks like HD’s concession to constructing a building that would have had a Grove-like appeal (I believe it is the one in the picture) has been cast aside. Basically, they are saying “Screw you, we tried to accomodate you, but it was never good enough. Now, welcome to a Home Depot everyone is familiar with.” I think there is a lesson here.

    And, don’t think everyone in the Grove is against the HD. Most of them welcome it—as do, I am sure, people living on the Beach.

  5. J-J    Fri Sep 29, 11:25 AM #  

    No not on the Beach, we never had a Kmart or a big box retailer in the area that they want to build the HD. We have a very limmited space on the Beach and HD really tried to pull a fast one on the Beach ressidents. Unfortunatlly, the Beach ressidents and our City Hall is better prepared to deal with them in better way than our over the causeway brethren.

    And no I’m not against all big box retailers, a Target or a Borders bookstore would be heaven sent for us who live on the beach but a HD is just a logistical nighmare: all those builders comming in and out with all that crap that they need to instal…

    Its like that Cirque de Crappei that they want to build on the Gleason. It doesnt bring anything to the ressidents, other than unwanted trafic.

  6. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Sep 29, 11:56 AM #  

    JJ, when did they try to build an HD on the beach? Just curious.

    There really isn’t any space on the beach for big boxes and enough ACE hardwares for the average homeowner to do fix up work. I think Office Depot was the exception, since they took over an old nightclub. But it’s still not a big-ass sprawled out store like the ones on the mainland.

    A big box like Target would be great, and I don’t see why it’s not considered to build them vertically, like in other big cities where space is limited. Spain’s El Corte Ingles is a perfect example.

    I guess Miami has so much sprawl that we are used to stores being these huge productions.

  7. Dayngr    Fri Sep 29, 12:25 PM #  

    WOW! You’d think they’d be more concerned about crime than a Home Depot. Ugh

  8. alesh    Fri Sep 29, 12:30 PM #  

    Hey, J-J . . . I “two” don’t “one” a home depot on the beach. However, I would not be opposed to a Dadeland-station big-box stack involving a Target either at the present Office Depot area, or here or something.

  9. Barca    Fri Sep 29, 01:15 PM #  

    Fuck Home Depot and Target, lets get a taco bell on the beach!

  10. J-J    Fri Sep 29, 03:21 PM #  

    Hi Manola-Alesh

    From what I saw on the Sunpost, Home Depot wants to build their store over by Sunset Harbour- that’s by the new Publix. Nedless to say the local residents are all up in arms and CMB is looking for ways to halt HD.

    I mean of all the things that we could have on the Beach an HD is about the last one that we need IMHO. But who knows it seems like HD will try to put a big fight. There are also rumors that they (the developers) would also bring a Whole Foods. But once again the locals residents seem to be against that as well…I know that in Seattle residents have managed to pass ordinances to keep these big boxes out but then Maimi is not like Seattle…

  11. gansibele    Fri Sep 29, 03:56 PM #  

    Count me among the ones who don’t get it. From teh very beginning I’ve been saying “wasn’t there a Kmart before? What gives?”. I love what Marc Sarnoff said too “we’ll consider our legal options”. No buddy, you got no legal options and you know it. It’s great to be an activist and all, but compromise rules.

    100 bucks says now they are NEVER going to build the other, more neighborhood friendly design.

    I also don’t understand why they can’t do big boxes vertically. There are Targets and Home Depots all over the lower end of Manhattan built exactly like that. Parking would be an issue I guess.

  12. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Sep 29, 03:56 PM #  

    Hi JJ, when did this come out in the Sunpost?

    I don’t know where they plan on stuffing an HD by Sunset Harbor. WTF? Every inch of retail/residential is used up, including Super Jetsons Publix.

    I love Whole Foods but we already have Wild Oats. More WTF.

  13. Tere    Fri Sep 29, 04:45 PM #  

    My problem with that HD in the Grove is that there is another HD about 2 miles away, on SW 8 St, so is it really vital to build this one in this location? The one on SW 8 St. is packed and annoying and I can only envision the total clusterfuck of traffic that US 1 will experience with this one.

    I think the HD does nothing to enhance life for Grove residents, and mainly, the black community there. I mean, fancy houses aside, there’s a very poor Grove a couple of blocks from this location, and those residents probably could have benefitted from a grocery store (a real one, Milam’s is over-priced nonsense – good beers, though), or something like that. The K-Mart there shut down because of corporate problems (bankruptcy or whatever), not for lack of business. In an area where a good chunk of residents are poor, it’d really be something if they were served, for once.

  14. Coconut Grove Grapevine    Fri Sep 29, 05:13 PM #  

    There was a K-mart and before that Mervyn’s and before that a Zayres. None of those stores had huge work trucks and builders at their stores all day and into the night.

    None of those stores had 15 18-wheelers a day delivering crap, like Home Depot is expected to have.

    None of those stores had sheds and other outdoor structures littering the area.

    None of those stores wanted to knock down hundred year old oak trees to make way for parking. Home Depot was cited just last week for trying to get rid of 90 trees. 90 Trees!

    The list goes on. Home Depot is not like K-mart. Ever see the Home Depot store on SW 8th Street? What department store has a situation like that mess? None.

    It’s a logistical nightmare. It is nothing like a small K-mart that was previously on the property.

  15. gansibele    Fri Sep 29, 06:39 PM #  

    > US(eless) 1 traffic is already messed up.

    > I find hard to believe that K-Mart didn’t have 18 wheelers delivering product. And it did have a gardening section outside right?

    > Tere is right, have you seen the prices at Milam’s? And I understand what you are saying Tere, as far as seen a retailer who services the black Grove. Unfortunately I suspect the economies are against it, as the rent on that location would be too high for any moderate or low priced merchant. The reality is that the black Grove will be gentrified sooner or later, it’s just too desirable a location.

    > The 8th street HD may be two miles away, but in reality it takes forever to get there. I imagine HD has people who look at the economic feasibility of opening a store there and decided it wasn’t bad. I’ll say more, they’ll probably close the 8th street store in the future if this one does well.

    > The trees is unexcusable. Fine away at them. But that doesn’t change the fact that they have the right to open a store on the location.

    Look, I live in Miami Shores, where HD opened a huge store a couple years ago, and the same concerns were voiced, albeit in a much smaller scale. Traffic isn’t any bigger than your typical Target, and the parking lot is mostly SUVs and cars, not pickup trucks. Most small scale builders, handymen, etc; don’t shop at HD anyways, it’s too expensive, they go to specialty stores.

    I understand residents don’t want the added traffic, noise, etc. But face it, nobody does. This is one of the drawbacks of living in the middle of the city and so close to a main artery.

  16. Biscayne Bystander    Sat Sep 30, 07:29 AM #  

    Maybe certain residents in the Grove are upset that opening the Home Depot will mean easily accessible jobs for their low income black neighbors? Godforbid if every member in the household is gainfully employed, then they can continue to pay their mortgage and won’t put the property for sale…

  17. BaffledinBuffalo    Sun Oct 1, 09:09 AM #  

    There is a clear choice here.

    As a condition of approving the “cute” HD, the City will impose limits on how they operate (no deliveries at night, no more than 5 trucks a day, etc.). And the loading zone is on US 1, not Bird Road (where people live).

    If HD just moves into the K-Mart, there are NO such restrictions.

    And they need the NEW HD because the one 2 miles away is at max capacity and can’t handle any more customers.

    Looks like the public is voting with their pocketbooks.

  18. oldswish    Tue Oct 3, 09:05 AM #  

    As a former Grovite I find this whole topic ridiculous. I lived in the Grove during Hurricane Andrew and trust me, any one of us would have given our first born to have a Home Depot that close. Also, most of the people I see with the No Home Depot signs in their yards are those who live in 4000 sq ft duplexes put up on lots that were occupied by quaint “Grovey” houses that were bulldozed to make way for the 3 beemer, quasi mansions that exist there now. And as far as being near a “poor” area, I suggest you look at the tax bills of those people and tell them they live in a “poor” area.

  19. Defeded    Tue Oct 3, 10:09 PM #  

    There is a Shell Lumber no more than 200 feet from where this Home Depot is going in, so it’s not like there’s some dire home improvement goods shortage in the area. Hopefully local support for Shell will help keep them alive in the post-apocalyptic era of the HD, though it’s doubtful. I don’t mind seeing Milams get the boot, they’re woefully overpriced. I’ll miss the Walgreens liquor store though – >tear

  20. Todd Morley    Fri Oct 20, 12:52 AM #  

    I am glad to see volunteers fight Home Depot. I think SW 32nd Ave is the wrong location for Home Depot. I was amused to see Linda Haskins accept money and campaign help from the Home Depot attorneys and lobbyists. They will want a return on their investment. Watch Haskins vote against 13,000 signatures and snub her nose at the residents. The residents not on the Home Depot payroll.

  21. enh    Fri Oct 20, 08:35 PM #  

    sure there was a k-mart there but maybe resident didn’t want that there either. Miami needs more open spaces this is a perfect opportunity to rethink that area pan not put big box o crap in the place of big box o’ crap. how about a park with playgrounds? seems like a good spot to me – better the the “park” under the metro-rail.

  22. Tim Balsam    Sat Oct 21, 10:34 AM #  

    Home Depot is in the business of acquiring sites. They do not give a crap about neighborhoods. They want sites and they want to block their better run rival Lowes. Isn’t it interesting that Linda Haskins puts the two Home Depot attorneys on her fund raising committee? And Haskins puts the two sleazy Home Depot lobbyists on her campaign team. Wouldn’t it appear Haskins is taking Home Depot money? At least indirectly. Watch Haskins put a Home Depot on Biscayne Blvd in the Upper East Side if she gets elected.

    Let’s elect an independent commissioner.

  23. jo anne    Sat Oct 21, 10:57 PM #  

    Did k-mart open at 6:30am, just when the MAJOR traffic commute is beginning on US 1?

    Think about it. Really think about what this means to the area.

    Surely EVERYONE in the Grove, as well as anyone traveling in and out of downtown Miami at that time of morning and later opposes this!

  24. Tim Balsam    Sun Oct 22, 01:02 PM #  

    Why did Linda Haskins put the Home Depot attorneys and lobbyists on her fund raising campaign list? It is clear Haskins will do whatever Home Depot wants. Remember Home Depot and Linda Haskins share the same slimy lobbyist/operator, Seth Gordon. Did you know Seth Gordon is paying people to steal other candidates campaign signs?

  25. oldswish    Mon Oct 23, 09:39 AM #  

    Haskins is really showing her stuff. At the District 2 debate held at the Lutheran church on Friday night she said “I looovvve Manny Diaz….”

  26. Jonathan    Mon Oct 23, 04:26 PM #  

    So is HD a bad idea because not enough people in the area want it, or is it a bad idea because so many people want it that there will be traffic jams? I’m confused.

  27. Rick    Tue Oct 24, 09:58 AM #  

    Home Depot is bad because it does not belong at that site on US 1. Home Depot admits they belong in Industrial zoned areas. US 1 and SW 32nd is residential and mixed use.

    In addition, the Grove should have no stores over approximately 55,000 sq ft. Home Depot’s model is the 125,000+/- megastores.

    There are 5-6 Home Depots throughout the area. There is a Home Depot only 2 miles away. There is Shell close by.

    And we already have the traffic jams…Home Depot would just make them start earlier and last longer…

  28. Sem Moly    Fri Nov 3, 07:43 PM #  

    Election soon. Vote for someone independent.