Tuesday September 26, 2006

Swimming in the ocean at night

Swimming in the ocean at night
You’ll have to take my word for it, but this is the ocean, photographed around 5am this morning, low tide. The light bands toward the bottom are the surf breaking on the beach, the little light in the upper right is a ship on the horizon.

No, nobody was swimming in the ocean tonight. It would be cool to go, though. But first, let’s get the shark thing out of the way. Here is the information on shark attacks in Florida. You can have it by month (September leads!), time of day (11am – 7 pm leads, but of course that’s when the most people are in the water!), victim activity (surfing leads, swimming #2: a ‘duh’ might be in order), or by county. That last one is reassuring, at least: total number of shark attacks since 1884? 10. Fatalities? 1, and that was in 1961. So there it is: swimming in the ocean at night is not dangerous, not in Miami.

And now for some links. 12 people want to swim in the ocean at night. Inky Circus has some stuff about ocean phosphorescence, when the ocean produces light in response to being disturbed. (She also transitions nicely away from the shark issue.) Jen saw the same thing in Costa Rica. Does that happen here?

It turns out that phosphorescence is caused by red tide, which really only happens on the west coast of Florida, not Miami. Bummer.

And there you have it: the ultimate Tuesday-morning throwaway post.

Update: Yes, that is a photograph. If you see a black rectangle, your options are (1) adjust your monitor (2) join the commenters in making fun of me.

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  1. Steve    Tue Sep 26, 09:06 AM #  

    Interesting photo. I have several just like it: the old lens cap problem, you know. If you drink, don’t snap.

  2. disn'dat    Tue Sep 26, 09:16 AM #  

    wow, alesh why don’t you tell us what you ate last night. i think it’d be real interesting. and while you’re at it, just post a black rectangle and call it the beach at night…oh! wait, wait…you’ve been there, done that. kronos-quartet-sell-out!

  3. alesh    Tue Sep 26, 10:26 AM #  

    1. Chad’s leftover chicken mole. Delicious.
    2. Try fixing the settings on your monitor.
    3. Kronos quartet . . . oh yeah—whatever happened with that??

  4. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Sep 26, 10:57 AM #  

    Actually, there doesn’t necessarily have to be red tide in order for there to be phosphorescence, because dinoflagellates are everywhere. When there is red tide, it’s just more concentrated. I’ve been swimming in the water at night in the waterways between the bay and Indian Creek and there was plenty of phosphorescence.

  5. cohen    Tue Sep 26, 04:59 PM #  

    ohohohohh dis and dat,,, your so cute,,,,

  6. 'Ista    Thu Sep 28, 11:13 AM #  

    Go to the beach and swim at night at least once everyone. It’s scary/cool.