Tuesday September 26, 2006

the skyway is an elevated highway over the everglades

Greener Miami has information about the Everglades Skyway, a proposed 11 mile elevated highway which would allow the water to flow the way nature intended.

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  1. circuitmouse    Tue Sep 26, 05:31 PM #  

    Gee… what could POSSIBLY go wrong? After all, there has to be ONE reputable builder in the South Florida construction industry that could make it happern… on time, underbudget*, and without casualties to match or surpass the 1935 hurricane.

    *in Florida, that would be about ten times what the estimate was when brought before the voters. Oh that’s right—they won’t bring it before the voters.

  2. alesh    Tue Sep 26, 07:09 PM #  

    If what you mean is

    This is a good idea, but not the most time-sensitive one facing us. It would be wise to put this off for a few years, or even more, until the worldwide building boom runs itself out, and the cost of construction materials and skilled labor comes back down to normal.

    then I think I’d agree, circuitmouse.

  3. circuitmouse    Wed Sep 27, 04:50 PM #  

    That, too. You know the “how many ___ does it take to put in a lightbulb” joke? How many politicians can find a way to line their pockets with how much of the public’s money on a construction pocket in the City Where The Dead Vote?

    But hey, if it saves the Everglades… I can just see some crooked politician trying to argue the relative moralism with St. Peter at the pearly gates on that one.

  4. Miami Yacht    Sun Oct 1, 03:40 PM #  

    Thanks for the great link! If they do it, I hope the construction process is not very traumatic. At least the artist’s rendering looks attractive, right?