Thursday September 21, 2006

Video Art at MAC

Peter Campus, Interface, 1972
My friends and I goof around in front of Peter Campus’ Interface

I have neither the knowledge nor the fondness for video art to be writing any sort of review about an exhibition of it. But I stopped by the opening of Video: an Art, a History 1965-2005 at Miami Art Central Tuesday, and I think this is another of those shows that everyone should see. In part this is because video art has the potential to be fun, even for those who don’t generally sit still for capital-A “Art,” and this exhibition is; it’s a “take the kids, take grandma!” kind of thing. While a few of the pieces are in the “like TV, only stranger” mode, many others have a physical interaction with their setting, using big multi-screen installations, live video cameras, and projections to interact with the viewer. Isaac Julien’s Baltimore, which forms the centerpiece of the show, is a three-screen mini-movie.

It’s going to be fun for the art snob too, though. I described the Dan Graham piece in the show to Cohen (who called me while buying cigarettes in Times Square; he’s in NYC working on a Masters), and he knew exactly what it was; “that’s a seminal fucking piece, man.” It was like that with everything, and actually, so the art snob will probably be most easily impressed if I just give you the list of artists in the show: Vito Acconci, Isaac Julien, Samuel Beckett, Thierry Kuntzel,Dara Birnbaum, Matthieu Laurette, Peter Campus, Mark Leckey, Stan Douglas, Chris Marker, Valie Export, Bruce Nauman, Jean-Luc Godard, Marcel Odenbach, Douglas Gordon, Tony Oursler, Dan Graham, Nam June Paik, Johan Grimonprez, Walid Ra’ad / The Atlas Group, Clarisse Hahn, Gary Hill, Zined Sedira, Pierre Huyghe, Bill Viola.

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  1. odswish    Thu Sep 21, 09:44 AM #  

    WOW! I didn’t realize I was an art snob, but that list has me heading there. Thanks.

  2. oldswish    Thu Sep 21, 09:46 AM #  

    Sorry, I meant oldswish…not to be confused with oldpro.

  3. KH    Thu Sep 21, 12:08 PM #  

    I’m sure you meant “art snob” very lovingly.
    We’re people too, man.

  4. alesh    Thu Sep 21, 02:19 PM #  

    hmm… now that you mention it, i did mean it very lovingly. Some of my best friends are art snobs, y’know?

  5. cohen    Thu Sep 21, 03:26 PM #  

    art snobs forever…..............;.....;...;...;

  6. disndat    Thu Sep 21, 05:25 PM #  

    yeah 4-ever…plff!