Thursday September 21, 2006

An interview with Nancy Spungen and Fancy, two of the founders of Studio A. Update: A choice quote (from Fancy): “This is another strange thing about Miami. The Rub in New York is, like, that’s just how people deejay. This is something I learned coming down here. There’s a certain New York style. We call it “hip hop and classics,” which really simply means party stuff when you go out. That’s what every single place does. There is no dance music in New York, well there is, but nobody cares about it. Like in Miami, they have an actual word: open format. In New York, ‘80s and hip hop that’s just called deejaying. Miami sees that as two separate levels. Miami is also very segregated, people-wise and musically. There’s parties for black people, there’s parties for white people, and there’s, like, clubs for house music, everyone gets their own space and there’s really zero sharing.”



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  1. Mark    Thu Sep 21, 11:28 AM #  

    Nancy Spungen? She is long dead, along with Sid Vicious.

  2. Re: Spungen    Thu Sep 21, 12:14 PM #  

    Guessing it’s a joke Mark.

  3. oldswish    Thu Sep 21, 12:42 PM #  

    Re:Spungeon—please see these comments at on Sedgewick.

  4. Re: Spungen    Thu Sep 21, 12:51 PM #  

    oldswish: come again?

    that interview is quite good. i like how the guy says there are no 24 year olds in miami. i’m 30 and this is so true. you don’t see them anywhere.

  5. Hipster Cathedral    Thu Sep 21, 01:53 PM #  

    I read those two words and thought “Only in Brooklyn kids, only in Brooklyn.” Prediction: Studio A will be out of business by the end of 2006.

  6. Anonymous    Thu Sep 21, 03:16 PM #  

    I’ve also heard rumors that they are suffering huge set-backs financially. I’d say by early 2007 that place will be history.

  7. alesh    Thu Sep 21, 03:51 PM #  

    I don’t like the “There’s no live music [in Miami] at all” bit. Maybe there isn’t much, but none at all?

    Just not true.

    Having said that, Studio A is awesome. A necessary and welcome addition to the scene (and actually it doesn’t feel like an addition anymore—it feels like something that always belonged here).

  8. oldswish    Thu Sep 21, 03:56 PM #  

    And Studio A did present Cat Power, whom BTW, the NY Times had a great article about yesterday. I had no idea she (Cat Power) lived here.
    Re:Spungeon-Sedgewick-Warhol-F.Holland Day, let the dead RIP.

  9. Live Music in Miami    Thu Sep 21, 06:13 PM #  

    As far as legitimate rock clubs in Miami, there aren’t any. Soho Lounge hasn’t had a band perform in at least 6 months. Churchills Hideaway is okay if you want your ear drums to rattle from an elementary local rock act, but it doesn’t bring in big names. The beach? Fugettaboutit. Haven’t been to A yet. I will now that it’s recommended.

  10. Who Cares    Thu Sep 21, 07:39 PM #  

    Really. Who cares about Lara Coppola and Fancy?

  11. alesh    Thu Sep 21, 08:30 PM #  

    I mean, you can be unhappy with the quantity/quality of live music venues, but it’s absurd to say there are none. Churchill’s packs in lots of bands all the time. Many of them are lame to indifferent, but it’s hard to spend an evening there and not hear at least one great one. And hearing one great band in one evening is good enough for me. There’s Tobacco Road, which unfortunately leans toward the crappy white blues, but still.

    Then there are lots of smaller, more commercial sort of places. Jazzid is like two blocks from my front door, for example. Get them on a good night, and they’re great.

    Oh, w/r/t who cares about L.C. and F? Actually, the interview (after some inane banter that might have been edited out) is really about stuff. It’s that stuff that’s interesting (or not, depending on your perspective). I just added a choice quote to the original post. Scroll up, biotches!

    Yes, the whole thing is wrapped in ignore’s special brand of hipster-talk, but i’m frankly getting bored of criticism of hipster talk.

  12. Who Cares    Thu Sep 21, 10:17 PM #  

    I enjoyed the beginning more than the interview itself. Not sure what you found inane. I thought those two came off as pretentious and clueless. The questions were fine, but the answers were terrible. Curious to know why one of them left so soon, or were they fired?

  13. Will    Fri Sep 22, 01:24 PM #  

    Cool interview. Good to see Miami’s doing its thing finally, but your city is still talking about the complexities of “hipster-speak”? Is there a time warp I don’t know about it?

  14. 305nightlife    Fri Sep 22, 10:01 PM #  

    I love Studio A. Its so great that Miami has a rock club that plays good music and not watered down bands. Godzilla in that story is cute with his lil’ ballcap. Not sure about the planes though. My Friday sux, somebody help me!

  15. John Ahlers    Sun Sep 24, 07:07 AM #  

    Studio A sucks balls. I was with my friend’s band, watching them and the three other bands touring with them. When the opening 4 bands finished, they kicked everyone out so they could fill the place up AGAIN for the main act, just because the had a bunch of people outside. Literally, they kicked everyone out so that they could fill it up again and make twice the money. What a crock of shit!!

  16. alesh    Sun Sep 24, 11:58 AM #  

    When did that happen, John? Who was the headliner? Anyone else have anything to say to that?

  17. StudioA**holes    Mon Sep 25, 04:41 PM #  

    I liked that interview somewhat because it finally gave insight into who is running that awful show over there. John is probably recalling GhenghisKhancert or another local night. That always happens. I heard a lot of local bands complain at shows about this. They suck.

  18. J-J    Mon Sep 25, 07:06 PM #  

    So many of these post are turning into a bithing fest- It’s kind of sad that so many of you are so angry,and negative…Studio A is a really good venue ,and along with Pop Life, has brought many great performers to our city- Which I bet that none of these complainers have even gone to see.

    I get the feeling that you people just stay at home and bitch to the whole world about your problems thru the internet…If you don’t like Studio A, start promoting your own nights. Its called DIY, ...look it up trolls you may learn something..

    Also to those people out there that post with insulting fake names: You are not being clever or funny. You are just another net “troll” with no life…


  19. 305nightlife    Mon Sep 25, 07:38 PM #  

    I wish the people who complain on here would be more in depth about why they choose to criticize such a great venue. If local acts have such problems with Studio A, why not vocalize your concerns here? Like J-J pointed out, calling people and places dirty names is for middle school.

  20. kingofrance    Mon Sep 25, 07:43 PM #  

    If anyone in Miami thinks they’ll be able to put on their Vans and go see some coolio band any night of the week, it’s not going to happen. Never will. But to say that there’s no live music here or “legitimate” music venues (whatever that means) is like waving your ignorance flag. I’ve seen fantastic bands here, but I guess because they’re not skinny white kids means they don’t count. Not every band has to sound like a bad Gang of Four cover band or get a review in Pitchfork to be “legitimate”. If you live in Miami more than six months, you know what the deal is with live music here. So either quit complaining and deal with it or move to Williamsburg.

  21. 305nightlife    Mon Sep 25, 07:50 PM #  

    I agree with kingoffrance.

    I found it very surprisign that Lara Coppola, the co-founder of Studio A in that interview above, said there is “no live music at all” in Miami. This is the kind of person who runs nightlife in this city? It’s surprising. Any night of the week, Churchills and Jazzid have a diverse selection and it can be plenty indie, especially on weekends. THere are also places like Van Dykes for jazz/blues and Nocturnal for dance music. These kids should be lucky they have venues like Studio A (regardless of the founders strange and very negative opinions of this city) and Revolution. They also need to open their minds beyond whats on their favorite blogs. THere is so much more music out there besides stuff like A Simple Plan and all of those “indie” bands.

  22. J-J    Mon Sep 25, 11:16 PM #  

    Glad to see that we are back on track with our topic…

    I agree with kingoffrance as well,

    If your idea culture and fun is Williamsburg then Miami is not the place for you. All that said, my friend who likes to go to concerts, went to see The Strokes, Nouvelle Vague, and Ladytron- all in the space of one week- and he lives in Miami…

    In the last six weeks my friends have seen Cat Power, jazz great Jimmy Scott(on Biscayne Park), ex-cat woman Ertha Kit(at the Jackie Gleason) , Os Mutantes, reggaeton king Tego Calderon (my personal fave) and Prince.

    Now, to say that there’s no music in Miami is just plain wrong…unless like our Miami based Kingoffrance said your idea of culture is limmited to “skinny white kids with ties”

    The new PAC (ok, Carnival PAC) will also do a lot to improve our situation…

    And to all those Miami haters- all I got ot say is that most of the people that I know that left Miami for Brooklyn, Seattle or SF, really miss it down here…Please try to have a possitive attitude while you live here…’cause you never know what you have until is gone…


  23. PAC Question    Tue Sep 26, 12:21 PM #  

    Isn’t PAC booking only opera-related music events? It’d be great if they’d be open to rock bands, but does anyone know if that’s the case?

  24. Lolo    Tue Sep 26, 02:12 PM #  

    A few topics to address here:

    1) Kingofrance: I see where you’re coming from, and I whole-heartedly agree that people need to expand their musical palates when choosing concerts. However, things are actually changing in Miami so remaining pessimistic is going to become harder. Never say never!

    2) Blatantly, there is more live music (local and national) in Miami now than in years past and I’ve got concrete evidence. I’ve been compiling and sending out local events listing emails for years, leading up to the Sweat Records list I currently write. Whereas it used to be like “Hey, in 6 months you can see a good British band open for some shitty Zeta94 band!” or “Hey, here is the ONE thing to do Saturday night”, now there are OPTIONS. Compiling the listings now takes me HOURS and encompasses a huge array of shows, events, benefits, art openings, activism, etc. I don’t mean to plug myself but If you don’t believe me sign up at I’m really proud of how far the scene’s come!

    3) The PAC is definitely interest in booking some indie programming. I’ve actually been consulting with them on this topic and the biggest obstacle thus far has been that big theaters like that book events and shows literally years in advance, whereas most touring indies only give a few months of leeway. However, they still booked Iceland’s Sigur Ros for next February!

  25. PAC Question    Tue Sep 26, 03:55 PM #  

    Hi Lolo. So Sigur Ros will be playing right where that orchestra is performing in the pics on Critical Miami? I can’t wait! That’s dreamy.

  26. alesh    Tue Sep 26, 06:40 PM #  

    Lolo~ Thanks for the info; especially the thing about the PAC is a good point. I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me in the first season, but i’m sure as the years go on, especially the black box will have lots and lots of really cool stuff (i’m guessing that’s where SR will play).

    It’s actually a bit before my time, but in the late 80’s, I know there were at least three live rock clubs on South Beach alone (The Stephen Talkhouse (sp?), Roses, and another place who’s name escapes me but where a guy called Birdman used to run sound—someone help me out!). So maybe it works in waves? (Those places went away when dance music came in—imagine folks dancing to people playing records!)

  27. mkh    Tue Sep 26, 07:01 PM #  

    Wow, Stephen Talkhouse…. damn, I think I just had a flashback…

  28. mr. call me jaded    Tue Sep 26, 11:43 PM #  

    i dont feel a part of these jaded youngters in tight-cropped ties. its’ not real rock n; roll. i’m sorry. this is a very sad time for live muscic.

  29. alesh    Wed Sep 27, 06:34 AM #  

    Bullcrap. The late 90’s and early 00’s were somewhat lame. But anyone who’s been paying attention knows that music has gotten GOOD again over the last few years. If you don’t feel a part of it it’s your own fault.

  30. Lolo    Wed Sep 27, 06:08 PM #  

    Actually, I believe the Sigur Ros show is happening in one of the BIG theaters, probably whichever one is housing the ballet performances. They’ll be playing “Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do” alongside the Merce Cunnigham Dance Company, whom they actually wrote the piece for.

  31. alesh    Wed Sep 27, 08:04 PM #  

    ok, that’s officially awesome, Lolo.

  32. Kidding Right?    Thu Sep 28, 08:00 PM #  

    Anyone ripping Studio A a new asshole on here like StudioA**holes needs to look at their lineup. Electric 6, Brazilian Girls and French Kicks. Like that guy says, people are finally looking at Miami as a contender for live rock. Its about bleeping time too. Have you been to Brookyln, cause it sucks ass.

  33. disappointed sigh    Fri Sep 29, 12:56 AM #  

    is this argument still going on? like really? post #33? do people honestly not like live music in a malnourished city? what is the deal with you people?

  34. French Kicks    Fri Sep 29, 12:34 PM #  

    Does anyone know how much this show is and when it starts? CriticalMiami should have events listings. That’d be a major help.

  35. aldrummer    Mon Oct 2, 01:32 AM #  

    Hey IS it not called CRITICAL Miami?

  36. John Waters    Tue Oct 3, 07:54 PM #  

    Is it just me or does Fancy think he is John Waters? What’s under that hat? A rabbit or a 40-year-old hipster? This is worse than when the actor from Jerico took Johnny Depp’s look.

  37. NY Times    Thu Oct 5, 10:23 AM #  

    on Studio B.

  38. alesh    Thu Oct 5, 10:25 AM #  

    Studio B in the NY Times

    Somebody needs to learn to hyperlink.

  39. NY Times    Thu Oct 5, 10:41 AM #  

    Long night. Srry.