Wednesday September 20, 2006

Strange pods

Bass museum park plant 1

In the field next to where the old Miami Beach library used to be, by the Bass Art Museum, there are these amazing huge old trees. People often hang out under them, reading, and generally frolicking. A couple of weekends ago I was one of those people, and took this photo of one the weird pods that fall off the trees (here is the other part; there was also a white, fleshy bit—it’s amazing what grows in the tropics during the summer wet season). Anyone know what these are called?

Also, after much fiddling and experimentation, I have what I believe to be working links to add CM articles (just the ones with titles) to and Digg, for those who like to mess with those services. It makes me feel like I have a real blog. Would someone let me know whether they work (hint: experiment with an article you actually think is worth linking to; ie not this one)? I’m also trying to get my tags (still experimental for now) to work with Technorati tags. Any other services anyone uses that I might should try to set up?

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  1. Tere    Wed Sep 20, 02:27 PM #  

    I just can’t get delicious, not at all. I created an account that I’ve already forgotten the username and password to, and it downloaded some buttons onto my toolbar, but that’s about it.

    I finally comprehend technorati, but the rest continue to mystify me. The more I learn about these things, the dumber I feel.

  2. J-J    Wed Sep 20, 05:30 PM #  

    Digg is the best of them all-the future of blogging if you ask me…The way in which the Digg’s comment system works is second to none. I’ll try to summit some CM articles but I have to advise you that Digg remains for the most part a Tech oriented site…so the more techie your content is the more diggs it will recieve… Maybe if you do a feature on the new Apple Store, like a review or something like that it will help the story to spread…

    You are a real blog :-)


  3. Doug    Thu Oct 26, 11:49 PM #  

    Looks like an old flower, not a pod, those filaments look like they’re topped with anthers that have dehisced (split open) to shed pollen.

    Out on a limb, but I would look up Adansonia which is the genus of Baobab trees … another option would be to go to the Wikipedia entry for the family Bombacaceae nearly all of which are cool and occasionally huge tropical trees, and start clicking around. Lots of species in that family have large, interesting flowers with tons of anthers as in your picture. They’re bat and bird pollinated, mostly.

    If you get another opportunity, a couple of pictures of the tree itself would probably be enough for me to identify, one showing the whole tree (more or less) and one giving a clear look at a single, or a few leaves, so that it’s easy to see the specific shape and (hopefully) the size of a leaf.

    Yes, I’m a plant geek, and a geek in general.

  4. alesh    Fri Oct 27, 07:25 AM #  

    Huge tropical trees is exactly right, Doug. Here’s the best photo I’ve got of them, taken on the same day. This is another part of the plant. I don’t have a close-up of the leaves.

    And yes, I was using the word ‘pod’ in a totally ignorant, generic sort of way.