Friday September 15, 2006

The architects for the new Miami Art Museum building have been selected: Herzog & de Meuron. I’m officially exited. The decision was suggested by Terence Riley and approved by a civic panel. The building might open in 2010. Tyler Green says, “Miami is the most fascinating museum city in America.” (via Riptide)

Update: Verticus went to the meeting, pitching Gehry, and was not pleased with the proceedings.

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  1. gansibele    Fri Sep 15, 04:56 PM #  

    Nice choice, if a bit trendy (two years ago they would have picked Calatrava). Maybe an inflatable museum ala Allianz Arena?

  2. dig    Fri Sep 15, 05:05 PM #  

    i should have I put money on this.

  3. alesh    Fri Sep 15, 09:45 PM #  

    The more I look at these guys’ work, the more optimistic I get. I still would have preferred Ren, but I’m glad we didn’t get Ghery.

  4. Blingtown    Sun Sep 17, 11:04 PM #  

    It is worth mentioning that this commission also includes the Science museum. In fact, it is a great opportunity to create the buildings and the space between them. This decision may be trendy, but they are not trendy architects. They react more to the site than either Rem or Gehry. If you look at the projects, (dominus winery, Tate modern, de Young museum), you see common threads, but never a style that overrides program or site. I am thrilled with this.

  5. alesh    Mon Sep 18, 10:38 AM #  

    I agree, Bling. I think Gehry, in particular, tends to design with little regard for practical considerations; just look at the Stata Center at MIT; most everyone who uses that building hates it. I still sort of wish they’d gotten Rem, but H&dM are going to be just fine.

    And yes, it is worth mentioning that they’re doing both buildings—i was wondering about that.

  6. Lissette    Tue Sep 19, 02:23 PM #  

    I completely agree! H&dM is definietly a great choice, and as an Architecture student, this is going to be incredibly exciting for me to watch and learn what transpires with the space!