Friday September 15, 2006

South Pointe Park

South Point Park

South Pointe Park is at the southernmost point of South Beach. It’s not a very “parky” park, if you know what I mean; the nice thing about it is that it’s the intersection of a lot of different human activity. You get surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, and readers on the side where the beach joins it. You get Cruise ships, Jet Skis, sailboats, freighters, and Coast Guard cruisers. Helicopters fly overhead, airliners fly overhead, and prop planes with banners fly out at sea. Beach wedding Last weekend, there was a wedding on the beach. There’s also a big crazy seawall, a pier that the bastards have closed to the public, and a predictably overpriced restaurant with crappy service and good steaks (or so I hear) (yes, it’s a restaurant in the middle of a park; don’t ask me why).

There’s rich people from the high-rises that pepper the neighborhood (apartments currently going for $1-6 million, depending on size and altitude), tourists, surfers, models+photographers, bums, and teenager hooligans. There’s a big field with big dogs running around. There’s a weird little cluster of fountains you can wander into. And across the water, there’s Fisher Island, where Oprah lives part of the year. But even with all of that, the atmosphere is sort of quiet and peaceful. I wouldn’t go out of my way or anything, but occasionally I end up here when I’m strolling around, and it’s always surprisingly pleasant. Incidentally, Miami Beach is planning a major renovation of the park, including a
big marble glaicer, which sounds like a great idea to me.

Update: Here’s an amazing picture of Government Cut. South Pointe Park is to the right, Fisher Island is to the left.


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  1. Gus    Fri Sep 15, 09:55 AM #  

    Thanks, Alesh. That is the best cruise ship picture I’ve seen at South Pointe Park.

  2. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Sep 15, 11:16 AM #  

    Very nice photo indeed!

    The restaurant (under different guises) has been there for at least 20 years, long before there was even a park to speak of. No mega-condos either. Although people did bring there dogs and did stroll down to the jetty. There used to be a wooden watch tower right near the fountains—great make-out spot at night ;-)—that was torn down along with the horse stables across the street.

    I love the look and feel of the new park too and that you can meander all the way down from Monty’s.

    I’m all for interesting public works of art, but that glacier seems way too big esp. at that price tag … and there really isn’t that much greenspace there, so why fill it up? And in the meantime there seems to be no plans for the pier? That was such a fun place to hang out or go fishing.

  3. Gus    Fri Sep 15, 03:54 PM #  

    Be on the lookout for undercover cops drivng taxi cabs in Miami Beach.

    A few years back, I was attending an employee party at South Pointe Park, when of the blue two taxi cabs can zooming up to our party, and cops jumped out flashing their badges.

    I learned later that Miami Beach has a fleet of undercover vehicles.

  4. circuitmouse    Sat Sep 23, 02:20 PM #  

    Talk of a major renovation has me worried… I kinda liked meandering down to the old stage with the “Welcome to Miami Beach” sign… which I always liked better than the 80s neon monstrosity you pass on the causeway on your way to the Beach… and the old watchtower, too. It was a great place to watch the cruise ships glide in and out of Government Cut. Once upon a time, way back in the last century, I watched a photo shoot from up there, and enjoyed a tyrannical art director’s big floppy hat being whipped off her head and flung out into the water on a breeze and the mighty hand of the patron saint of models and photographers. They might find a way to slice off more of the park for private development. Might, nuthin’... Who am I fooling? Of course they will. A few years from now, we’ll pass by and say, “remember when you used to be able to walk along the edge of the water all along Government Cut and get sprayed by the brats in jet skis?”