Wednesday September 13, 2006

Vix, a restaurant at Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive, sells a $1,000 cigar



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  1. gansibele    Thu Sep 14, 08:04 AM #  

    They also sell a $45 cup of coffee, made with grains that come out of the ass of an Indonesia wild cat.

    AS an aside, I eat there (one of my vendors paying of course) and it wasn’t as good as you’ll expect given the prices. The cod was tasty but it wasn’t $50 cod. The service was rude as hell. One of the waiters passed around an amuse bouche of something in a pipette (I hate that whole pretentious El Bulli-copying crap), then he was explaining pedantically how to use it (you slurp it out, duh), my wife who had dined there before started doing it and he had the gall of asking her to stop until after he finished his explanation! I interrupted him right then and there to ask him to bring another waiter to finish the explanation for him because he wasn’t going to be serving us anymore.