Tuesday September 12, 2006

A lot of noise about online-only local “magazines” lately. Indi Live Mag was recently written up in New Times (is it me or do they really not give a link??), and is available for download as a PDF or ZIP (someone should tell them that a correctly done PDF is already compressed, so they’re doing nothing by zipping it except making headaches for anyone who doesn’t use WinXP). We also have Category 305, in a more web-readable format, which appears to be pretty nightlife-centered. Update: More information at a secret (?) New Times Blog post that Manola found.



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  1. Wack Fucking Magazines    Tue Sep 12, 10:21 AM #  

    These publications are a farce. They are martini party flyers and justification for overpriced wack fashion. Jean Carey is a self-serving, stupid twat. The end. Who left the “e” off Indi?

  2. Tere    Tue Sep 12, 10:25 AM #  

    I got invited to the Category305 launch party and felt quite special till I figured out they probably got my email from blogger. So it’s not really ME they want! :-(

    Also, while I’m on the topic: why are all these parties during the week? This one’s on a Monday and I’ve been invited to another this Thursday. I’m a MOTHER, people, I’m too exhausted to party during the week; I also WORK, I have to get up the next morning at 6 a.m. and do it all over again. Even without a child (I have quick and accessible babysitters, usually), I’m just not up to the weeknight partying thing anymore. If they don’t end too late for me, they start too early, and I just can’t make it work into my schedule.

    Argh, I’m old now. Old and tired.

    Sorry, the urge to rant was too great to resist.

  3. The First Comment    Tue Sep 12, 10:33 AM #  

    Well good morning! That first comment should be taken down. Totally offensive and inappropriate.

  4. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Sep 12, 10:57 AM #  

    Yes, they do provide a link.

    Indi Mag, neat concept, but those fonts look better on paper. Plus, can’t open full version on the mac.

    The Ampersand Mag is flashaneous.

    Tere, I’m with ya. My guess though is that they couldn’t get Touch to host on the weekends. Although the hookers usually don’t show up until way later.

  5. gansibele    Tue Sep 12, 11:15 AM #  

    I guess it should have been “Jean Carey is a self-serving bitch” since that’s how she describes herself.

    Saw Ampersand in Books and Books the other day, liked the oversize format and the visual editing, not crazy about the graphic design but it’s ok. I give it five months.

    Tere, my guess is that they don’t care for mothers or fathers at their fancy party, at least those who have to deal with mundane issues such as school nigts. Only the beautiful and childless.

  6. Tere    Tue Sep 12, 11:48 AM #  

    Ah well, Gansi, then they miss out. I’m one hell of a trip to be around! ;-)

  7. alesh    Tue Sep 12, 12:49 PM #  

    The first comment is indeed offensive, though “inappropriate” is a question of perspective.

    Tere~ I suspect they throw those parties because the cool people they’re trying to attract have better things to do during the weekend. And yes, they do miss out—you’re the life of the party!

    Manola~ They do provide a link?? Where?

    Gansibelle~ life expectancy of these publications, blogs, and inbetween (a lot of them are in a gray area) might be worth wagering on. I’ll see if I can find a copy of “&”.

  8. requesting    Tue Sep 12, 12:58 PM #  

    I’d love for Critical Miami to offer a more “critical” analysis of these publications. I can’t say I agree with the first commenter’s tone, but I’m skeptical. This is South Florida and good local magazines and alternative newspapers (New Times, shame shame, what a demise) are impossible to come by.

  9. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Sep 12, 01:08 PM #  

    Alesh, you mean a link to Indi Mag from Jean’s article, right? It’s in the seventh paragraph. The link color is a shade of dark blue that blends in with the copy.

    I didn’t know New Times had a blog section. The whole uber-mega-project explained here, plus local blog roll. Can I have sashimi with that?

    Gans, I’m assuming that the only disqualifier for Tere is that she has a kid. Because that girl is beautiful!

  10. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Sep 12, 01:10 PM #  

    oops, here’s the spermalink

  11. alesh    Tue Sep 12, 01:50 PM #  

    requesting~ I’ll look them over; if I find anything interesting I’ll report it.

    Manola~ there might be a link in there. I’m not hunting for it. There are what appear like links in the “Details” sidebar which go to empty search pages. Pretty fucking broken, IMHO. Good job hunting down the blog link . . . is it top secret??

  12. Betty Boop    Tue Sep 12, 03:43 PM #  

    Alesh – I don’t think so. The link showed up in my technorati.

  13. gansibele    Tue Sep 12, 04:35 PM #  

    Yep Alesh, that’ll be an interesting wager. Or local magazines vs. new restaurants, see which one last longer. Name changes don’t count – no Lincoln Road becoming LRM for example.

    So I took a break from writing life-sucking radio spots and looked at both mags – category 305 has no interest for me as is mostly about vicariously living vapid Sobe clubcomings-and-goings which are better regretted in person and Indie – not sure what was all about but the sidewalk fashion bit, apart from being borrowed from a thousand pubs most notably Details does get tired quickly. And the design sucks. It reminded me of when I get portfolios from the AIF (excuse me, the “Miami International University of Art and Design”). David Carson, misunderstood genius. And speaking of imitations, I stopped reading Indie at the profile of Carlos Navarro -do we really need a worse Britto?

    Tere is indeed beautiful Manola, as are you. Their loss, our gain. When is the next blogger get together?

  14. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Sep 12, 05:35 PM #  

    Aw shucks, Gans! Thanks. :-)

    “better regretted in person … ” That’s a great way to describe SoBe!

    Alesh, It appears that the Miami New Times blog is brand spankin’ new … it’s called Riptide 2.0

  15. Just In: Local Journos Blow Money on Lame Websites    Tue Sep 12, 05:48 PM #  

    I can’t believe they created five websites for Miami. Who do they think they are Gawker? The design in goddamn embarrassing, never mind the content.

  16. gansibele    Tue Sep 12, 06:21 PM #  

    Envy, envy…

    Plenty to explore beyond category305, thankfully. Damn, there’s a lot of content. They should have launched this when I was bored out of my skull at editing sessions two weeks ago. LMAO at Wakefield’s offer to sell out to Radio Marti.

    So I’m gonna put my cynicism aside and wish them luck.

  17. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Sep 12, 07:07 PM #  

    From looking at the sites today, doesn’t it seem like they are in pilot mode? I only found short snippets of content and yes, the design needs work. I can’t imagine this would be the officially launched set of sites.

    I wish them the best of luck too. You’re right Gans, no need for envy, either. Without having a media empire, our dear Miami bloggers, journalists or not, have done a damn good job of covering all those topics for quite some time now and I don’t expect that to change.

    That is, they better not be covering celebrity genitals though! That’s Manola’s turf! :-)

  18. The Bitch    Wed Sep 13, 03:20 PM #  

    “Is it me or do they not provide a link?”
    It’s you:
    “The first issue includes layouts of Romero’s favorite outfits worn by people she met in downtown Miami and in the DD. Romero says the forthcoming issue will examine the influence of California on the urban fashion scene. Check out the mag at indilivemag.com, or befriend the staff through their page at myspace.com/indilivemag.”

  19. NicFitKid    Wed Sep 13, 03:27 PM #  

    Still scratching my head over how I ended being on Cat305’s email blast, seeing as how I don’t even currently have a blog with which to rebroadcast their info. They used my old pseudonym, Nicholas Fitz, which is from a few months ago. My current gmail info has the more ludicrous Nicholas Fitzgerald Kidd.

  20. alesh    Wed Sep 13, 03:56 PM #  

    Hi Jean! Thanks for dropping in.

    Yes, I see it now. The two problems, neither of which may be your fault, are (1) the link is impossible to see by scanning – it’s not underlined, and (as Manola said) it’s almost exactly the same color as the rest of the text. It’s also buried waaaay deep in the copy, where most online readers would want to at least take a glance before reading. (2) There’s a “Detail” box very prominently next to the article which has what LOOKS like links to the magazines, but aren’t. They’re links instead to . . . well a “Your query returned no results.” pages on the New Times for the one I tried clicking.

    Having said that, you’re right—it was me!

  21. The Bitch    Wed Sep 13, 07:54 PM #  

    Yes, the aesthetics of the web site and its user-friendliness can be lacking…however, Village Voice has always had a great enriched url and perhaps we will eventually learn from them.
    The DIY blog era was an uninspiration, I guess, so therefore I am actually partially to blame for the slow and cautious launch and appearance of the fledgling site, so I am sorry about that.
    I’m sure it will improve with time.