Monday September 11, 2006

Overtown gets his copy of Vamos, and muses about Cuba. “Another woman was amazed that there was so many black people in Cuba. She asked us why there are no black Cubans in Miami. No one had an answer for that one.”

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  1. Ms. Para Que Sepa    Wed Sep 13, 03:22 PM #  

    I’ll post the same thing here that I did on his blog:

    Hey, there are definitely black Cubans in Miami!

    I think because the media tends to focus almost entirely on a particularly vocal segment of Cuban-Americans that tend to be conservative, middle to upper-class, and white, many people assume that all Cuban-Americans fit that demographic profile. But this is not the case.

    I can’t give you any statistics or demographics on that or anything, but I know Cubans in Miami from many ethnicities, including black/Afro-Cubans. Miami-Dade has hosted an Afro-Cuban arts/dance festival several times. (