Thursday September 7, 2006

Pitchfork pans Rick Ross’ Port of Miami. “Sure Ross needs these beats—he has all the charisma of a cold meatloaf.” Ouch.



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  1. dweebs    Fri Sep 8, 11:40 AM #  

    Another negative review yesterday at Ignore Mag. Critical Miami knows Ross is boss. Fuck these hataz.

  2. Not Rick Ross    Fri Sep 8, 01:56 PM #  

    This is one of the worst albums I’ve ever been tricked into buying. I don’t listen to much rap, but I gave this a shot. Whewww, so much violence and the lyrics are very elementary. How could anyone ever recommend this?

  3. Miami Rap Artist    Mon Sep 11, 12:58 PM #  

    Yo, I was wonderin if Critical Miami regrets giving mad props to Ross now that the album is gettin hated on by all these bastards. Backpackers needs to step off. 305 4 Life.