Tuesday September 5, 2006

a fistful of worms is not a pretty picture

Sweet mother of God: hey, so how did you spend Labor day? If you live in Davie, maybe the answer is attending a mealworm eating contest. “Prezant, 37, even has recipes for bug dishes on his company’s website. He was selling tasty bug treats such as scorpion and cricket lollipops, ant candy, and salt-and-vinegar flavored crickets. But he had never eaten live bugs before, which proved to be his downfall against the mealworm-munching high school student.”



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  1. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Sep 5, 03:57 PM #  

    Dude, I was just eating some hot and sour soup. Blech!

  2. KH    Tue Sep 5, 10:08 PM #  

    One of my high school AP bio teachers used to offer A’s to any student who would eat mealworms.

  3. mek    Wed Sep 6, 09:38 AM #  

    so did you get an A? ;-p

  4. KH    Wed Sep 6, 09:52 PM #  


    Well, not for mealworms.

  5. Jonathan    Thu Sep 7, 08:22 PM #  

    I think those worms might be worth tasting. Maybe even with hot and sour soup. You’ll never know unless you try it.