Tuesday August 29, 2006

Hurricane reading

Well, Ernesto predictions weakened to a tropical storm for S. Fla. yesterday, but could expand to a hurricane, so I’m off to make some preparations at the parents’ house and at work.

Hurricane related bloggage at Eye of the Storm, Stuck on the Plametto, Klotz, Miami Vision Blogarama, Hidden City, BabalĂș. Also some NY Times love (“South Floridians began hoarding gasoline and other emergency supplies . . .”).

Also, the 5 am watch/warning cone and the 8 am advisory at NHC. More news from them at 11.


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  1. Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds    Tue Aug 29, 10:28 AM #  

    Don’t forget me! My Hurricane related bloggage concerns people’s jerk like behavior pending a storm. Clearly, I have a lot of writing to do on that topic. Good luck in the storm. At least you will be very well fed.

  2. Lissette    Tue Aug 29, 07:49 PM #  

    My windchimes aren’t even moving.