Monday August 28, 2006

You know, there's really something sort of comforting about . . .

that's all, folks!

Ahh, it’s moments like this, when even the Herald is shitting it’s pants, that really get me going. Some helpful links:

I’ve got the day off from work today, baby, so prepare for more hard-hitting hurricane-preparation coverage! Watch this space! Read my blog! Prepare for impact!

Update (Monday, 1:14am): OK, fine, here’s a “responsible” link: Rebecca’s hurricane preparedness tips. Don’t worry be happy.


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  1. Rick    Mon Aug 28, 09:55 AM #  

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t find the Herald article to be over the top. I think anytime you have a Cat 2 or 3 hurricane forecast to pass over the top of a major metropolitan area there’s a need to report what’s going on and, in this case, that includes reports of people getting ready.


  2. Franklin    Mon Aug 28, 10:16 AM #  

    I can’t even express to you how much I don’t miss this shit. I’m going to think back upon it when I’m shoveling my car out of the snow in a few months.

  3. NicFitKid    Mon Aug 28, 11:12 AM #  

    Danger! Incoming Cat 5 hype, danger!

    I’ve been rendered incapable of responding appropriately to storms due to long term exposure. Stockpile food and water, prepare, blah, blah.

    Even on the outside chance that ALL MIAMI FOOD IS DESTROYED, would I starve in the time it takes to drive out? As for water, I hear it’s FREE out of the tap, and I have my trusty Brita pitcher, so what’s the problem? I have yet to go through a storm where the tapwater goes out.

    My only preparation is to gas up my car, maybe buy an extra pack of cigarettes. I don’t own property, and I don’t have any family down here anymore, so there’s really little for me to take care of in the wake of a storm.

    NicFitKid’s plan? Find a dry place for the computer, garage the car, and proceed to the Deuce for some pre-storm drinking.

    Waiting in line for a bag of ice is overrated.

  4. Lissette    Mon Aug 28, 11:53 AM #  

    YAY! No school and work for me on Wednesday, and possibly tomorrow too! Not that a hurricane is a good thing, but any excuse to get some extra paid time off from work is awesome! must hunt for plywood…

  5. alesh    Mon Aug 28, 01:11 PM #  

    Rick~ They keep changing the article! But I was mainly thinking of the sidebar link “Oh $#@* ! Ernesto is coming” to Ana Veciana-Suarez’s blog, which, when I first saw the article, was the only link.

    Franklin~ I don’t know what it is, but I sort of love it. And since I’m off work today, it’s looking like it might be a very short week. I just got back from the beach, now I’m going to eat some lentil soup, and then I’m off for a leisurly afternoon of filling up the car and getting some candles. Then maybe to the Deuce to join NFK for a beer (I just found out I live two.5 blocks from it).

    A little later: what I did the day before Ernesto flickr set.

  6. Manola Blablablanik    Mon Aug 28, 02:39 PM #  

    Hey Nic, you gotta buy water. The problem is 1) if municipal pumps don’t have electricity, you won’t get water and 2) even if you do, it may be contaminated, in which case you have to boil it, and how are you going to do that if you don’t have power?

  7. alesh    Mon Aug 28, 03:44 PM #  

    That’s a negative, Manola: per Rebecca, fill up pitchers and bottles with tap water NOW, and you’ll have them when you need them.

  8. Manola Blablablanik    Mon Aug 28, 04:18 PM #  

    Oh, I meant that … I should’ve said ‘obtain’ water, regardless of whether it is purchased or not. The important thing to know is to have potable water available, just in case.

  9. NicFitKid    Mon Aug 28, 04:41 PM #  

    Like I said, I’ve been through my share of storms, and I’ve never lost water. If have to boil it, that’s what the gas stove is for. I doubt the water system will be out for weeks and weeks, however, so I’m sure I’ll get by with my pre-filled pitchers and random containers.

    We should worry about more practical things, like how FPL’s gonna bill all our asses for power during the post-storm weeks we spend in the sweaty 19th century.

    By the way, did you ever find the hurricane boyfriend you were advertising for a few months ago?

  10. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Aug 29, 01:42 AM #  

    Hurricane season boyfriend? Why do you ask? :-)