Sunday August 27, 2006

south florida in ernesto's orange cone!

Sure hope you wern’t planning on buying any plywood, water, or batteries today! Update: The 5 pm update brings us ever so deeper into Ernesto’s cone of possibilities. Update: I’m sure it’s nothing: Evacuation of tourists ordered in Florida Keys.



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  1. Rick    Sun Aug 27, 09:22 AM #  

    I’m not sure today is “panic day.” The track still is well to the west although in just 12 hours there’s been a significant shift east and people may be thinking, and rightly so, that the next shift will put it in our backyard. I think there will be some buying but not anything major.

    I’m holding off putting up the shutters for now although I’m watching this one real close.

  2. alesh    Sun Aug 27, 11:03 AM #  

    My parent’s house in west Hollywood just got shuttered a couple of weeks ago, so I have a safe, though internet-less, bunker to retreat to should the need arise. More information at 5 pm today, when the new maps get released!

  3. Rick    Mon Aug 28, 05:56 AM #  

    Wait till you see this morning’s 5 AM update.


  4. Gus    Mon Aug 28, 06:45 AM #  

    Holy Crap!