Thursday August 24, 2006

Tap Tap


Of all the restaurants in Miami, Tap-Tap is my favorite. I’ve eaten there more often then anywhere else (except maybe the two Taco Bells near my work), and dragged friends, family, girlfriends, friends of family, and just about anyone else there, sometimes kicking and screaming. When I have this much to say about something, it’s often best to ignore the reader’s needs and resort to bullet points:

truck with seating in the back

I recommend going early and often, and taking out-of-town guests here. It’s actually a little absurd that I’ve been doing this blog for well over a year, and haven’t properly written about Tap-Tap.

819 Fifth Street
Miami Beach
305 672-2898


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  1. cohen    Thu Aug 24, 09:01 AM #  

    cohen does not eat pork,,, i also find it overpriced

  2. Tere    Thu Aug 24, 09:27 AM #  

    Hhhmmm, sounds like my kind of place. Thanks for the info., must check it out.

  3. gansibele    Thu Aug 24, 10:48 AM #  

    I work one block away, so I go for lunch often. My office relocated from Ft. Lauderdale 3 years ago. We had five or six very, very American girls on staff. I tried to get them to go, but “haitian goat stew” was enough to send them running for the nearest Dennys.

  4. Manola Blablablanik    Thu Aug 24, 12:33 PM #  

    Tap Tap is scrumptiolicious!!!!!!

    btw, my friend just told me that the spicy condiment is called Pikliz (Creole spelling), pronounced pee-kleez.

  5. geoffreyphilp    Thu Aug 24, 02:53 PM #  

    And if you look carefully on the wall, you’ll also see Felix Morriseau-Leroy, who is now an ancestor.

  6. Interesting...    Thu Aug 24, 07:55 PM #  

    I rarely comment on Critical Miami although I was part of the “we” in quite a few previous outing and restaurant reviews. (As a matter of fact I was the videographer of Alesh eating at Texas Taco for those die hard CM fans who remember)

    So that being said…I am speaking as one of the girlfriends Alesh took to this restaurant. I am also probably one of the ones he would refer to as dragged kicking and screaming -although in actuality this wasn’t true. When we went, I unfortunately didn’t get offered a Mojito or dessert. Jipped! However, I had the fried pork which was quite good and this opinion comes from a picky eater. The restaurant is very eclectic and fascinating. If you haven’t checked this place out… you gotta!

    Hopefully, for Alesh’s sake, his new girlfriend will LOVE this place.

  7. John Ahlers    Thu Aug 24, 08:07 PM #  

    While this is great, I highly recommend Chez Rosie for a cheaper and more authentic haitian meal. It used to be located across the street from Dogma on Biscayne, but has now moved to NW 2 Ave. and NW 62nd Street. He has lunch specials (which one person WILL NOT finish) for no more than 4 dollars…4 DOLLARS?! This is my first time commenting here, but I thought I would weigh in…

  8. Manola Blablablanik    Thu Aug 24, 09:22 PM #  


  9. Conductor    Thu Aug 24, 09:34 PM #  


    I work with Gansibele. Maybe we could get together for some of those Bass Ales after work one day.

  10. gansibele    Fri Aug 25, 12:34 AM #  

    Count me in. And thanks John for the tip about Chez Rosie. I was wondering where it went.

    BTW, I’ve been working for the past 3 days by the boulevard… and those of you who haven’t tried UVA 69 breakfast sandwiches… man, oh man.

  11. alesh    Fri Aug 25, 07:28 AM #  

    Interesting~ I think I was talking more about the family when I said “kicking and screaming,” though for the record, everyone who’s ever actually eaten there with me has been 100% delighted. How’s that secret website coming along??

    For the curious, the link to the video is at the end of this article.

    John~ I’m all over that. Maybe this weekend!

    Conductor/gansibele~ Heck yeah! I work up in hollywood, so my ETA for 5th Street on any given day is maybe 5:45 pm. Give me a call!

  12. I was there    Fri Aug 25, 03:38 PM #  

    What happened to the great Tap-Tap Sunday Brunch?

  13. Bonnie Seibert    Sun Sep 3, 02:45 PM #  

    Its great on Nov. 1st, for Gede festivities. Very crowded, but fun. Drumming, dancing, Voodoo skits with Baron Samedi tend to happen after 10pm. Big altars, offerings and handmade decorations are a visual treat.
    Try the drink Kremas…rum, sweet cond. milk, lime, raisins….its odd, but wonderful.

    Does anyone know of good Day of the Dead festivities around town?