Monday August 21, 2006


Yambo, Nicaraguan restaurant

In the total and complete heart of Little Havana sits Yambo, a 24-hour Nicaraguan joint that has to be seen to be believed. We ended up there around 4 am Sunday morning, after visits to Seven Seas and PS14. Like Le Tub, this is an establishment where the decor and the food fight fiercely to be the most unforgettable, surreal experience.

Yambo, Nicaraguan restaurant

Stuff like this is everywhere, and though the inside seating was closed, I am given to understand that it makes the outside look somewhat half-assed and drab.

Yambo, Nicaraguan restaurant

This is the awesome lady who took our order. I doubt Yambo has ever employed anyone who spoke more then a few words of English, but (even though I was under South American supervision) the food is ordered from a deli-style counter, possibly by just pointing, so non-Spanish speakers could probably do just fine here. Cash only, natch.

Yambo, Nicaraguan restaurant

Carlos Rigau (AKA Kenneth Cohen) and Jeroen Nelemans (visiting from Chicago, where he’s working on a fine-arts masters degree at the Art Institute) model the crazy perimiter wall, lined with old-school concrete and mosaic patio tables and chairs.

Yambo, Nicaraguan restaurant

A close up of the food. The French-toast-looking thing in the foreground is fried cheese. To the left of that is some blood/rice sausage. The egg-foo-young looking things are fried pastries filled with ground meat. Pretty much everything gets fried, and involves lots and lots of ground meat. It’s a good thing I don’t live across the street from this place.

Yambo, Nicaraguan restaurant

1643 SW 1st St.
Miami, FL


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  1. Bonnie Seibert    Mon Aug 21, 08:15 PM #  

    Hi all,

    So, is it correct to assume that a vegetarian would find nothing to eat here, except perhaps that arepa-ish cheese thing? Any good desserts?

    Place looks cool. Reminding me…. anyone been to Tap Tap on Nov. 1st for the Gedde festivities?
    That is fun, the altars and decorations are wild, and good music/show with Baron Samedi. But its crowded!

  2. Rolando Garcia-Rojas    Wed Aug 23, 03:03 PM #  

    I gotta see ‘Los everywhere. I remember when he used to sign his shit with that scruffy cat drawring of his. Oof that was too long ago. Still we need more obscure places to check out at 4 am.

  3. cohen    Wed Aug 23, 04:57 PM #  

    ROLO WASSABI,,,,,,ALesh yuo gotta eat inside…

  4. Dario Pedrajo    Mon Aug 28, 09:19 AM #  

    This is strictly a high cholesterol cafe Bonnie…pack your lipitor and top the meal off with a visit to the Hermanos King Ice cream shop on calle ocho and 19th avenue for churros and coconut ice cream..then go take a long nap!