Tuesday August 15, 2006

Coconut Grove Grapevine has a very definitive vision for the Grove: No big tourist attractions, no housing developments, and businesses that cater to the locals. “Mayfair used to be a Winn-Dixie and Cocowalk was a gas station that I think ended up being a mini-flea market on weekends after the gas station closed. To be honest, this was the Grove to me, not the monolithic tourist traps that took over.”

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  1. Onajide    Tue Aug 15, 10:27 AM #  

    I lived in the Grove during much of that transformation. We didn’t like it then but, corporate money (and their attorneys) usually win out in a city known for bribes and backdoor deals. Part of that time I lived on a boat out in the south anchorage. I miss it but, life moves on…