Tuesday August 8, 2006

the band has some dudes with sunglasses

Iko-Iko celebrates 24 (!) years together with a show at, where else, Tobacco Road (which, btw, holds City of Miami State of Florida liquor license #001).



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  1. mkh    Tue Aug 8, 10:26 AM #  

    I love Tobacco Road. It’s the only place I have as a must see for out of town guests. But I thought they held Florida Liquor License #1, not Miami.

    Hmm, perhaps I’ll walk over there after work and do some “research.”

  2. alesh    Tue Aug 8, 10:49 AM #  

    You’re right: I remembered they had #1 but didn’t know that the isuing agency for LL’s is the state. Fixed.

  3. mkh    Tue Aug 8, 06:09 PM #  

    Damn, now I don’t have an excuse to do research tonight.

  4. Voodoo Crew    Thu Aug 10, 06:55 PM #  

    Please come by and say “hi.” I think that it is #001 – TRoad was est. in 1912 and there is a very funky, cool vibe in a very dive-y way. Tank tops to tuxedos, it is the spot and we’re psyched that the band is going to be back there after a long absence.

    It is the anniversary of the band first show at Tobacco Road and it is really exciting for everyone. This is the first time the band has returned to the upstairs “Diamond Teeth Mary Cabaret” in several years and the new renovations to the room, sound and, of course, the band are really excellent. No, I don’t work for any of them…



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