Monday August 7, 2006

Spankin’ new: Miami forums at 411. A classy effort, but if my experiments with the Miami Wiki are any indication, it’s difficult to get readers to do anything more then scroll and click.



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  1. Gus    Tue Aug 8, 03:21 PM #  

    Thanks, alesh.

    I know how gay this sounds, but I was just thinking about your Wiki today.

    Yes, the Forums will take some time, but I’m patient. It will be exciting to see how they evolve. I hope people use them to ask questions, and express themselves.

    I want Miami bloggers to also know they can use the Forums to discuss issues they wouldn’t necessarily post on their own sites.

    Forums are a great way to meet people and reach a wider audience.

    Speaking of meeting people, I hope you come to Stormhoek geek dinner. I know your readers are curious to hear what you have to say.

    If I don’t see you there, it’s great you’re putting together an email list. Ask us if you need help with a venue.