Monday July 31, 2006

The heart of the hurricane season is about to begin. And meteorologists still expect it to be a powerhouse, unless El Niño rides to an unexpected rescue. Get ready, y’all! (via Pulp)

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  1. Rick    Mon Jul 31, 06:36 PM #  

    As George would say, “Bring it on!”


  2. alesh    Mon Jul 31, 07:24 PM #  

    Actually, that’s how I feel.

    Hey Rick! You see my “Formating Help” down there? It’s quick and dirty, but does it help??

  3. Manola Blablablanik    Mon Jul 31, 07:34 PM #  

    Things have been suspiciously quiet!

  4. Rick    Mon Jul 31, 07:55 PM #  

    Alesh, no offense, but have you ever heard the saying “putting perfume on a pig?”

    I will never be a fan of this formatting, but to answer your question: a little.


  5. alesh    Mon Jul 31, 09:05 PM #  

    Yes they have, Manola.


    None taken, old chap! But take a look at textile again, and eventually you may come to see its elegance. Honestly, is it right for anyone who wants to place a link in your comments to learn to use crappy HTML "A" tags??

    It’s absurd machine-talk, fit for programmers, not regular folks. Textile may not be perfect (especially as implemented in Texpattern’s comment subroutine), but if it were universally adopted the world would be a smarter place.

    It’s all a moot point, though, since for now it’s hardwired into TXP (as is the mandatory preview thing, which I sort of hate).