Friday July 28, 2006

os mutantes on tv, 1960's

Os Mutantes, legendary 1960’s Tropicalia band, have reunited and are playing on Wednesday. $35, and you’ll want to get tickets asap. (thanks, Cohen)

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  1. whl    Fri Jul 28, 10:53 AM #  

    I Love them! I have been listening to them since i was a teen! wow. what a great opp to see them live!

  2. KH    Fri Jul 28, 12:54 PM #  

    BLARHHG! I so wish I had $70 bucks I could spare on this event. Plus the babysitting. :( !

  3. J-J    Fri Jul 28, 03:09 PM #  

    Not to sound jaded but only two of the original members will performing, The female singer opted out of the reunion…although a Brazilian friend of mine saw her walking in Lincoln RD about a month ago, which was relly odd.

    I still think it will be great to see them, but is not really Os Mutantes without all three of them.


  4. Johnny    Fri Jul 28, 07:46 PM #  

    Will Critical Miami be attending…in the nude?

  5. alesh    Sat Jul 29, 12:07 PM #  

    only in your wild, feaverish fantasies, dear readers.

  6. soldatoj57    Thu Aug 3, 10:50 AM #  

    JJ, you really missed out an a TERRIFIC show! They were all spot on and the girl that replaced Rita was spectacular! INCENDIARY is the only word I can use to describe the show—-truly worth the $35. Every hipster in Miami was there…

  7. Roland    Thu Aug 3, 03:10 PM #  

    If you missed this show, I can only feel sorry for you.

  8. J-J    Thu Aug 3, 07:48 PM #  

    soldatoj57: Yeah, I missed the show, I also missed the Cat Power show a couple of weeks ago too. I guess I’m starting to make my own personal list of ” Damm I should have gone to that show!” I need help:)

  9. Creedance    Thu Aug 3, 11:18 PM #  

    Even with only Sergio Dias Baptista of the original trio at the helm, that band was still making excelent music. As far as I’m concerned, Mutantes will always be Mutantes as long as one of the brothers Baptista are in it. Os Mutantes at the begining was the venue for Arnaldo’s musical ideias that both girlfriend Rita and baby brother Sergio followed behind and helped shape. The fact that you now have Arnaldo Baptista back in the group is of historical importance in itself. Sure it would have been great if Rita Lee also took part; but the member of the band that really is missing is the bass palyer Liminha. The band always sounded heavier when he was playing with them. That’s my opinion, anyway. I saw them in New York and thought Zelia Duncan did an okey job. I hear a film documentary and possibly a new album is on the horizon. Keep your eyes open.

  10. alesh    Fri Aug 4, 07:31 AM #  

    I’m with you, J-J. I missed both those shows, and yes, I am feeling sorry for myself (though in fairness, I seem to recall doing something more fun on the night of the Cat Power show).

    Agents report that the Os Mutantes show was mind-bendingly good, almost too good at times, and that a large and wildly enthusiastic Brasilian contingent in the audience made the show that much more fun.

    Live and learn.