Tuesday July 25, 2006

Roll Out!

sk8 pix

All sorts of people will tell you that roller skating is more fun then ice skating, right? Of course it’s apples and oranges. But Roll Out Tuesdays in Ft. Lauderdale isn’t just an ordinary rollerskate night. Hosted by the inimitable DJ Hottpants and attended by the hippest of both counties, Roll Out is (well, not to be retarded about it, but) like a club on wheels. I realize it doesn’t look like much in my pictures (hey, it’s dark in there, and people are zipping around: you try photographing it with something that fits in your pocket), but plenty of busy people will tell you that it’s worth a trip up from as far as Coral Gables on a school night. And hey, nobody’s getting stabbed.

sk8 pix

Take 95 north to 595, head East, get off at US-1, and go North. Gold Coast Roller Rink will be on your right almost right away (2604 S. Federal Highway). 8 pm to Midnight: hell yes. $3 door, $2 skate rentals. And the snack bar serves beer.

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  1. Tere    Tue Jul 25, 02:58 PM #  

    So is it ice or roller? ‘Cause your title says ice but the pics are roller…

    Anyway, when I read things like “attended by the hippest of both counties,” I automatically think, “well, there goes that idea.” Because there’s nothing hip about me, and you can tell from a mile away. And the thought of being rejected by a skating rink is really just too humiliating to bear.

  2. alesh    Tue Jul 25, 04:14 PM #  

    D’OH! Thanks Tere.

    As to your other point. First, there’s no judging going on at Roll Out. Second, there’s plenty of the unhip mixed in with the hip (like I can tell the difference anyhow). Thirdly, you’re plenty hip, trust me. Ha – you should come!

  3. Rick    Tue Jul 25, 04:43 PM #  

    Am I seeing things (or not) or are there only 3 people skating on the whole floor?

  4. alesh    Tue Jul 25, 04:48 PM #  

    actually it was pretty packed. It looks empty because of the timing of my shot, and the darkness; the faster-moving people disapear in a weird blur.

  5. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Jul 25, 05:38 PM #  

    Were people skating ‘normal’ or going nuts?

  6. Tere    Tue Jul 25, 06:10 PM #  

    Good question, Manola! Because I can only handle orderly skating. And since Alesh reassured me, I’m set to go!

  7. alesh    Tue Jul 25, 07:07 PM #  

    Other then me falling on my ass a couple of times, everything seemed pretty orderly. Now it looks like I can’t make it tonight; might have to be next week :-(

  8. Rick    Tue Jul 25, 09:17 PM #  

    Ummmm….there’s something I never told you guys….

  9. Miami Transit Man    Wed Jul 26, 11:30 PM #  

    Sounds like fun! I’m going to try to head up there one night…

    Rick, Pink isn’t your most flattering color… ;-)

  10. Tere    Thu Jul 27, 09:45 AM #  


    (Exactly where this would be a headline is besides the point!)

  11. Manola Blablablanik    Thu Jul 27, 11:07 AM #  

    OMG! Rick is deep linking!

  12. Onajide    Mon Aug 14, 10:15 PM #  

    I was invited by some Miami artist but, I don’t remember who now. That place seems to have the roller skating thing all locked up as I see they are busy all the time. I drive by there pretty often since I’m now living in Ft. Lauderdale.

  13. Lissette    Mon Aug 14, 11:10 PM #  

    I went there so long ago, I’d swear it was a different life. That place is a pretty cool place from what I can remember, and I would definitely be one of the one’s falling on my ass. As for going out there tomorrow night, notice is a bit late, but I’ll try and be there.