Friday July 21, 2006


Price the band

Hey, did you notice how I’m not doing the “it’s Friday, here’s what to do this weekend” sort of posts anymore? Well, I figure it’s the summer, there’s not that much to do, not that many people in town, and not that much desire to do anything but sit at home and bask in the warm glow of netflix. However, in the spirit of teaching a man to fish and he’ll eat forever, might I suggest signing up for the Sweat Records e-mail list. Well, ok, you’ll actually also have to get on Lolo’s friends list and read her bulletins. Had you done so last night, you might have been one of a small group that saw Price last night (pictured).

Which band was, by the way, quite wonderful in a white-soul, 1970’s, ironic-Michael-Bolton-t-shirt-wearing (and pointing it out) kind of way. And funky. Which brings me to my question:

What is up with the dancing thing? The DJ was playing before the band’s (tastefully brief) set, and there were a fair number of people dancing. Another DJ began to play right after the band, and actually a lot more people danced then. But for the entire time Price played, everyone stood there motionless. Now first of all (1), the boys were not that beautiful. I mean worth a look or whatever, but not worth staring at. Secondly (2), and I mean really, they were jamming; just as or more danceable then the DJ music preceding and following. I was noting this to an old friend I bumped into randomly there, and he had an answer for it which I forget now (it was that kind of night), so help me out here: why do people dance to records and not to bands??


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  1. KH    Fri Jul 21, 10:12 AM #  

    Okay, that’s just crazy.

    Maybe people were trying to show how seriously into live music they are. Maybe dancing to live bands is now gauche.

    Also, I must be old (probably over 45)* because I had no idea that hipsters had devolved so much—not only did I have no idea, but I don’t like it either.

    Also, was it possibly not dance-inducing music? If it was the noodling kind with a lot of jamming, I wouldn’t blame folks for not wanting to look like refugees from a dead/phish/whatever show.

    *reference which may be amusing to people who read my blog

  2. J-J    Fri Jul 21, 10:58 AM #  

    Mad I missed it…oh well, last time I went to NYC and saw a show it was the same thing, the music was good and danceable but everyone just stood there looking cool and what not. I guess is the new thing to do. Go to a show and then act like you dont want to be there. Cool ;)

  3. alesh    Tue Jul 25, 10:16 PM #  

    Bump, I guess.

    I know you people are reading my blog, and I’m fucking serious: why do you dance to DJ’s and not to live music?

    Tell me.

    KH~ I recently got accused of being 40. Good times. No, Price is no jam band. They were funky and song-oriented, and I (for one) felt like dancing. (But I’m too shy to start.)

    J-J~ Yes. But, no: they were dancing before and after the band, and not acting indifferent during… they seemed to enjoy the band, they just didn’t dance.

    In fairness, I also have to say that I was in a much smaller and more obscure club a couple of weeks ago with a cover band playing, and the people there were dancing with some major verve. But so why not here? wtf?

  4. KH    Wed Jul 26, 09:28 AM #  

    I think we should convene an inquiry! Put the hipsters on trial: “wtf is up with the bizarre dance codes?! You are guilty of violating human dance rights. Your sentence is age.”