Saturday July 15, 2006

Miami Light Project announces 2006/2007 season

Miami Light Project continues to be one of the most exiting performing arts presenters in South Florida, and they’ve just announced their new season. No household-name type superstars (i.e. Laurie Anderson, Sonny Rollins) this year, but it looks like a solid season. I assume that the Miami Performing Arts Center shows are in the Studio Theater, which along with the newly renovated Colony Theater would mean that MLP has finally got their perfect roster of venues. Rock on! From the press release:

November 30-December 2, 2006 8:00pm
Miami Performing Arts Center
Her latest work, UpWake, has been in development for the last 3.5 years through MLP’s Here & Now commissioning program. Up Wake is a fast-paced tragic-comedy that fuses clowning, movement and technology to follow Zero, a toon character, throughout his day. More than a show, Up Wake is a science project where performer, original score, text projection and digitally animated images are meticulously integrated to transform a live 3-D installation into a magical journey of the human soul. This program is co-commissioned and co-presented with Miami Performing Arts Center.

January 26-27, 2007 8:00pm
Colony Theater
Descended from a long line of Sangomas (traditional healers), Mantsoe hails from Soweto, South Africa. Blending traditional African dance forms with contemporary modern & ballet, and Asian forms, Men-Jaro features an international ensemble of 5 dancers & 5 musicians from the Traditional African Orchestra. In Men-Jaro (township slang for friendship), Mantsoe redefines the intrinsic relationship that exists between African contemporary dance & music, investigating ancestral worship and rituals in a powerfully ritualistic, highly celebratory & transcendentally spiritual work.

HERE & NOW: 2007
March 13-30, 2007
Miami Performing Arts Center
Here & Now features newly commissioned short works by 4-6 Miami-based artists curated by MLP staff for a 2-week performance series. In addition to a commissioning fee, the artists receive rehearsal time in the Light Box, production support and professional development assistance. Here & Now is co-commissioned and co-presented with Miami Performing Arts Center

April 6-7, 2007 8:00pm
Colony Theater
Italian choreographer Greco & Dutch theatre director Pieter C. Scholten have worked together since 1995. In their latest work, Hell, they take on dance as their art form absolute – delving deeply into the layers of dance expression to investigate components of different dance styles and discover their associations. A contemplation of “hell on earth,” Hell offers a profound perspective on the current global situation. The artistic team includes Dutch experimental filmmaker Joost Rekveld who specializes in kinetic installations & light compositions.

April 18-22, 2007
Miami Performing Arts Center
Before relocating to Miami in 1995, Luquini worked throughout Europe and the Americas for 30 years as a performer and choreographer. For MLP’s latest major commission, Idalina, Luquini collaborates with Brazilian Capoeirista masters Fernando Lee and Eurico de Jesus, and Miami-based Composer and Musician José Elias. Inspired by the saga of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the capacity of mankind to endure cruelty and degradation with ingenuity and hope, Idalina explores ideas of resistance and freedom, creating a movement, sound and word collage of the enduring symbols of Capoeira, resonant with collective nostalgia, memories, universal themes and a message of personal resistance. This program is co-commissioned and co-presented with Miami Performing Arts Center

May 3-12, 2007
Various Locations
Miami/Project Hip Hop is an annual 10-day celebration of hip hop music, dance, theater, spoken word, visual art and film, will feature South Florida-born, New York-based composer and violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain who seamlessly blends funk, rock, hip hop and classical music into a new sonic vision for the next generation.

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