Wednesday July 12, 2006

apple store on lincoln rd

Photos of the new Apple store on Lincoln Rd. It opens Saturday morning, and the first 1000 customers get a t-shirt. (via Fanless)



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  1. mike d    Sun Jul 16, 04:39 PM #  

    I walked by Saturday afternoon, and it was still closed…

  2. tgrizz    Mon Jul 17, 10:38 PM #  

    Just to let everyone know, the Apple store on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach is scheduled to open Friday night 7/21, one of the few night openings, at 6pm. Here is a link on the Apple website.

    Also, if anyone is interested in a cool place to go out afterwards, I Dj at a hip lounge every Friday, 11pm-5am, behind Starbucks at a place called BUCK15. It is one block north of the Apple store above the chinese restaurant Miss Yip. I Dj on my Apple Powerbook and play indie rock, retro 80’s, rock-n-roll, dance and mash-ups.
    There is no attitude at the door or dress code, very non-South Beach. It’s always a fun place with no drama.


  3. J-J    Tue Jul 18, 04:44 PM #  

    Thank you DJ Grizz, I will try to check it out.