Wednesday July 12, 2006

Almost everything in this week’s issue of Miami Today is good. My favorite is Joe Arriola’s quote about the USS Mohawk: “The city deserves something big, beautiful and important,” he said. “No offense to the owner, but it looked like it belonged more as a reef than in Bicentennial Park.”



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  1. circuitmouse    Wed Jul 12, 09:20 PM #  

    That was a great quote. How often do you hear a Miami politician speak his miind so clearly? In those famous photos from the hurricane of ‘26, wasn’t there a yacht that belonged to a Grand Duke or Prince that clogged the entrance to the Port for months? Now THAT was a beaut of a boat, and with plenty of history. There are literally hundreds of WW II ships in mothballs to choose from, unless this one has some as yet unmentioned significance for Miami in particular. Maybe it would be better suited in Key West, as a testament to the days of yore… but in Miami, it’s more likely to end up with something tacky that looks like it came from the boat show…