Wednesday July 12, 2006

Bicentennial Park/Museum Park

First of all, before you get all exited, this has nothing to do with the design of Miami Art Museum, Miami Museum of Science, or any museum. This is all about the park that will (maybe) contain them, plans of which have been released. MAeX linked to a Herald article which linked to the Miami Planning website which linked to two PDF documents, a big one (which crashed my computer) and a little one.

We get a restaurant, some fountains, some open space, a “promenade,” some fancy gardens, no parking to speak of, and room for two buildings, the models of which are there just to fill space, ‘cause nobody knows what they’re going to look like yet. In fact, they may never happen, which who knows what that does to the park layout?

In the interest of sparing you downloading the PDFs, and of burning some bandwidth, each of the images below links to a (near) full-size graphic. Enjoy.






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  1. DGM    Wed Jul 12, 03:30 PM #  

    It will actually have underground parking. But i believe it will only have 250 spots, or enough to provide parking for the whole custodial staff.

  2. Miami Transit Man    Wed Jul 12, 03:32 PM #  

    Dang you…

    Beat me to the article…

  3. Christian Calzadillas    Wed Jul 12, 06:59 PM #  

    Where are the kickball fields??

  4. alesh    Wed Jul 12, 07:22 PM #  

    DGM~ 250 spaces is not bad. Underground? Interesting.

    MTM~ Hey, this was from Monday morning… but let’s hear what you have to say about it.

    Christian~ The kickball fields are marked “C” in the first big diagram.

  5. Miami Transit Man    Thu Jul 13, 08:50 AM #  

    I had some bigger fish to fry that day…lol

    Check it out, I wrote about it anyways…

  6. Robert    Thu Jul 13, 11:25 AM #  

    Looks very nice and exactly what we need downtown to complement all the concrete and steel.

    Perhaps it won’t end up look much like the drawings, but even if it’s just a passing resemblance, it’s 100 times better than what’s there currently.

    It’s nice to see the environmentalists on board with this. I partially blame them and their past “anti-anything” stance regarding Bicentennial Park for the sad state it’s in. Remember the original plans for the Marlins’ new stadium several years back?

    Let’s stay on this story and help push it through!

  7. Manola Blablablanik    Thu Jul 13, 01:45 PM #  

    I think this is a great idea. Miami needs a grand city park in that part of town that isn’t going to go to the weeds.

  8. conductor    Thu Jul 13, 11:58 PM #  

    That’s where the Marlins ballpark should be built.

  9. mkh    Fri Jul 14, 06:31 AM #  

    The Marlins ballpark should be built in Las Vegas. Or in Miami, provided every damned cent is paid by the team owners, and not a penny comes from the city, county, state, or community.

    I am cautiously optimistic about this project, but I won’t be surprised if it turns into the usual festival of graft and grandstanding that characterizes most of South Florida.

  10. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Jul 14, 12:19 PM #  

    Good point, MKH. Also, I hope, architecturally, that it doesn’t turn into a mini version of Epcot or something. It is interesting that a city that enjoys fine weather half of the year simply doesn’t boast a notable park.

  11. conductor    Fri Jul 21, 04:29 PM #  

    Yeah because everyone except baseball teams should get their projects funded for them with taxpayer money, no matter how ridiculous, expensive, overbudget, or ugly they are.

  12. mkh    Sat Jul 22, 10:21 AM #  

    Tell you what, conductor. When the Marlins become an intentional not for profit, we’ll start funding them. As long as their entire purpose is to make their owners richer, they can pay for their own stadium.