Wednesday July 12, 2006

At arcuRADIO, a slam of the SunPost Best-of 2006. And really, it did come across as very corporate and pro-business and a lame waste of time. All the annoying qualities of the New Times version (and more), with none of the redeeming charms (which not that they’re that charming anyway). It was just disappointing. (via ignore, w/r/t which, read the whole post; they get all cute and pissed off at “most white, middle-class bloggers” (wait a sec… that’s me!) for linking to their dis of “Vice” but not to their A-Trak interview. But get real, guys; A-Trak is cool, but that doesn’t make your stoned conversation with him any more worth reading.)



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  1. Christian Calzadillas    Wed Jul 12, 08:26 PM #  

    Who/what is an A-Trak??

  2. Christian Calzadilla    Wed Jul 12, 08:55 PM #  

    Oops. I didn’t realize those pinks things above were clickable. Yes, I realize I have a site that is an epileptic nightmare with a post about the Apple store (big day!) and could have only be created by someone who loves computers. But I digress.

  3. Ben    Wed Jul 12, 09:51 PM #  

    Atrak is the dj of Kayne West and respected outside hip hop in those indie circles. He is good though and a major talent. That interview by Ignore is for stoners only, i agree with Critical.

  4. NicFitKid    Thu Jul 13, 07:23 AM #  

    I had no idea that the staff of ignore had taken over Miami Today.

  5. Chile Native    Thu Jul 13, 10:13 AM #  

    LOL. I was wondering about that too NicFitKid!

  6. alesh    Thu Jul 13, 12:41 PM #  

    how stupid was THAT?? it’s fixed now, but I wonder if my Miami Today link is linking to ignore??

  7. Question for CM    Thu Jul 13, 02:54 PM #  

    Greetings Alesh –
    Were you given a “best of” in that issue for your blog? And if not, were you disappointed? How is this newspaper pro-business and “very corporate”? I moved to the beach recently and have heard mostly negative things about this paper and have heard that it’s mostly “a training grounds” of sorts for college graduates. Not sure if you can shed light, but I’d love to hear your opinions elaborated on. Thank you. Glad to see there’s a respected local “community blog.” Have heard lots of good things since I’ve been in miami beach.

    John Neal

  8. alesh    Thu Jul 13, 06:33 PM #  

    Hi John!

    I don’t believe there was anything like a “best blog” in the issue, though I seem to recall Miami Beach 411 being mentioned for something. My dissapointment was really directed more at just that one issue, not MSP in general. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and CM was featured very prominently in a recent cover story. I’m friends with a couple of the writers there, and they do lots of good work. The “best-of” issue just underwhelmed me. Cheers!

  9. Stapleton    Thu Jul 13, 10:09 PM #  

    The Miami Sun Post is straight garbage. No lie. Why the fuck does Miami think it’s immune to The Onion’s satire?? Pure garbage – same stories about construction or fake-liberal bullshit. Terrible headlines, no design, righteous-ass muthafuckas aka Miami’s ONION! You heard it first niggas.