Monday July 10, 2006

What's up with the S&S Diner?

ss diner

Uh-oh, first Smitty’s closes, and now the S&S is threatened. According to this article sent in by an anonymous reader, the site of the S&S is shortly to contain another giant condo development. The developers have “agreed to maintain the S&S building as a restaurant,” which sounds a little ominous to me. They will also build a new kitchen (‘cause they’re demolishing where the current kitchen is), which to me implies that the place will close at least temporarily.

The Miami city commission still has to approve the project, but I see no reason why they wouldn’t: developer doing as he likes with his property, agreeing with the recommendations of the historic preservation board, blah blah. This is cause for some major concern!

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  1. wormhole    Mon Jul 10, 03:48 PM #  

    i love S & S! too bad if it closes. My parents used to eat there back in the 70s. It’s sort of a historical place i think…

  2. what's up with what's up    Mon Jul 10, 05:27 PM #  

    it sounds retarded.

  3. cohen    Mon Jul 10, 06:47 PM #  

    before i leave i would like all my friends to eat at the ss dinner with me ,,, this means you CM

  4. cohen's leaving    Mon Jul 10, 07:39 PM #  

    coheeeeeeeeeeen don’t goooo. one less miami poster in a lonely city of blogging. my heart cries a tune of sadness.

  5. Onajide    Mon Jul 10, 11:03 PM #  

    I haven’t eaten there in ages… nice lunches too. :-)

  6. mkh    Tue Jul 11, 07:50 AM #  

    I used to eat there every time I visited the Miami Cemetary. I should try to make it by again before they disappear.

  7. circuitmouse    Tue Jul 11, 09:38 PM #  

    ah, remember Mappy’s? And how long has it been now since one of the ol’ gals at Wolfie’s greeted me with, “My favorite customer!”

    Before you know it, that place where you used to be able to pick your own fruit at Redlands will be gone… what? Oh. Never mind…

  8. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Jul 11, 10:04 PM #  

    Alesh, thanks for pointing this out. I’d like to try it before it goes down in history …