Saturday July 1, 2006

A midsummer night's navelgaze


We’re halfway through the year, kids! And since there’s so many new folks reading, a mid-year review seemed like something to do. There’s been some “does anyone read my blog?” speculation going on lately, and I’m pleased to say that the answer is ‘yes.’

Whatever. In lieu of congratulations, please send acerbic letters to Republicans (before I start to sound like this guy). Meanwhile, here follows a somewhat absurdly replete ‘best-of’ from the last 6 months (and see Critical Miami year-end chin stroking for a similar treatment of 2005) in forward-chronological order:







As a parting thought, I might point out that my favorite blog of all time hasn’t been updated since November of 2003.


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  1. MiamiGirl    Sun Jul 2, 11:25 AM #  

    A little correction for you: I didn’t ask if anyone was reading my blog… I asked if “Miamians” read blogs… it was a comparison to Miami bloggers and NY bloggers based on a comment from one of my readers.

  2. mkh    Sun Jul 2, 01:40 PM #  

    As with MiamiGirl, I think you misinterpreted our posts. There wasn’t any “Is this thing on?” question, just a general discussion as to how many non-producing consumers (i.e., readers only) might be out there in the South Florida community.

    Nonetheless, congrats on your steadily increasing readership! (I send plenty of acerbic letters to Republicans as it is.)