Monday June 26, 2006

I don’t think anyone seriously believes that these were real terrorists. We used to have agents and confidential informants creating drug deals in Liberty City. Now it looks like they are creating homegrown cells.”—David Markus, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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  1. Rick    Mon Jun 26, 11:08 PM #  

    What Rising Hegemon says.

  2. Robert    Tue Jun 27, 01:03 PM #  

    Based on what the defense attorney is saying, it would have been prudent to wait until some undeniable evidence is found, such as the Sears Tower in a huge pile of rubble. I find it hard to believe that an FBI informant could “plant” those ideas into the heads of normal law-abiding people.

    Let’s face it, these guys had plans, as rudimentary and as basic as they were.

    When will we as a society learn? You talk about it, you plan it, you get thrown in jail. End of story.

  3. Rick    Tue Jun 27, 03:04 PM #  

    Which is pretty much what this fair and balanced Herald editorial says today.

  4. alesh    Tue Jun 27, 09:36 PM #  

    Thanks for the link, Rick. I was about to agree, and then:

    “These alleged terrorists were so destitute that they relied on the government informant, whom they believed was one of them, to supply them with cameras to take pictures of potential targets and even boots for their militaristic training.”

    THAT sets off some entrapment alarms, but I’m not loosing any sleep over anyone who pledges allegiance to al-Queada.

    ps Rick is “fair and balanced” meant facetiously? Isn’t that phrase primarily a joke thing these days?

  5. Rick    Tue Jun 27, 09:50 PM #  

    It is, but not when I used it here. I really meant it.


  6. Steve Klotz    Thu Jun 29, 02:19 PM #  

    The timing of the bust convinces me that it’s mostly bullshit PR. It happened right at the same time the Heat beat the Mavs. I figure Monkey Boy had to be backing the Texas team (not the Florida franchise in his little brother’s home state), and he wanted to distract local attention from the celebration.

    Is that a stretch? Maybe. But with the dust somewhat settled, and a clearer portrait of these gullible circus clowns emerges, it’s clear that whatever this episode actually is, it AIN’T about homeland security.