Friday June 23, 2006

Miami gets terrorized!

swat dudes

The whole entire world is abuzz about the “al-Qaida-inspired terrorism operatives” arrested in Liberty City yesterday. It sounds very large. From the Herald article, get this:

Federal agents, assisted by Miami police’s SWAT team, swarmed in Thursday afternoon, cordoning off several blocks around the building at 6260 NW 15th Ave., in the Liberty Square housing project, known by locals as Pork-n-Beans. Cedric Thomas, a co-owner of Thomas Produce Market, said the area around his store was teeming with federal agents. “There is a ton of guys in uniforms moving around, blocking the streets,” said Thomas, whose store, a Liberty City institution, is at 1376 NW 62nd St., near the area cordoned off by police. [sic]

They didn’t have any guns, explosives, or definitive plans. They did have pictures of the Sears Tower, though, so there’s that. It turns out that the group had been having communications with al-Qaida for awhile, just that the al-Qaida in question was undercover feds. Tricky. I wonder how the feds found about them. Oh, that’s right. Well, I guess everything worked out great.

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  1. gansibele    Fri Jun 23, 10:50 AM #  

    I don’t know Alesh, since these nuts were “homegrown wannabes with no known connection to foreign terrorists”, as the capturing officials state, I doubt very much the NSA eavesdropping played any part. Isn’t the Bush administration position that eavesdropping has only been used on phone conversations with known terrorists abroad?

  2. alesh    Fri Jun 23, 11:23 AM #  

    Probably not. But so then how did the feds find out about them. Maybe the article is right, and someone from the neighborhood just got suspicious.

    But when US officials were questioned by congress after the NSA program was leaked, they were asked whether there was a similar program for domestic to domestic calls, and they refused to answer. And keep in mind Bush’s quote: “and when we’re talking about going after these terrorists, these are legal wiretaps with warrants . . . nothing has changed” which was WHILE the warrantless wiretapping was going on.

  3. gansibele    Fri Jun 23, 11:31 AM #  

    They do report a warrant was used, so if the warrant covered eavesdropping it may come out. But probably was just too easy to pick a dozen nuts doing martial arts in fatigues in the middle of Liberty City.

    I don’t think the president would lie even by omission, would he?