Thursday June 22, 2006

Right before launching into a discussion of zoning that made my eyes glaze right over, Rebecca Wakefield reveals why the Heat won. “Props go out to the lithesome gold-diggers at the Forge (you know who you are) who did their hometown proud last week by keeping several members of the Dallas Mavericks, ah, occupied, well into the night before a critical game 4. ... The Heat’s championship is due to the dissipating forces of South Beach at least as much as Dwyane Wade’s bank shot.”

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  1. Val Prieto    Thu Jun 22, 03:16 PM #  

    Oh, com’on. As if basketball players dont get laid in any other city on any other given night before a game day.

  2. Manola BBB    Fri Jun 23, 08:30 AM #  

    Oh, but male athletes have no self-control, right? I mean they were taken to the Forge in shackles. I saw it!!!