Wednesday June 21, 2006

Nefarious Girl

The official after party for KRELwear 'WILD LIFE' Collection 2006

The other day, I got an e-mail from Jipsy, who’d just seen my brief mention of her great column from a few months ago. This would have been cool enough in itself, but it pointed me toward her amazing photography site,

Anyone who’s ever opened Ocean Drive knows that taking interesting photos in clubs is usually impossible; you get two or three garishly flashed idiot-smiling people standing in front of a camera, and a pitch-black background. Jipsy turns those photos on their ear, creating instant little dramas with a remote-flash technique that gets her interesting photos with alarming regularity. Borrowing liberally from punk, disco, goth, and glam, the kids in her photos make the perfect subjects for photos, too.

It’s tons of fun to just browse through her pictures. A few of my favorites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

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  1. Rick    Wed Jun 21, 08:27 AM #  

    Just what I need. Another reminder of how boring and pedestrian my life is.

    Excellent photos though. You’re absolutely right.


  2. Brent    Wed Jun 21, 12:57 PM #  

    Hey Alesh. I was wondering how old you are? Excuse me, if I come off rude. I mean, why not leave this stuff to the kids and deal with more topical stuff? I’d rather not see this blog become so nightlife focused. Just a question from a weekly reader.

  3. Jonathan    Wed Jun 21, 03:07 PM #  

    What’s wrong with nightlife?

    Nice photos.

  4. Jesus from Nazareth    Wed Jun 21, 06:05 PM #  

    She’s a knock off of, with half the talent. I hate to be so negative but trust me, she aint no photography genius – Just dont tell your subjects you are photographing them and you’ll get similar results.

  5. Delicious    Wed Jun 21, 06:35 PM #  

    Remember that retarded debate about ‘hipster cunts’ ?? Look no further than Tipsy Jipsy.

  6. Delicious    Wed Jun 21, 06:38 PM #  

    And for once, I agree with Jesus. She takes her act from Bronques and, both guys that have been online and far more glamourous photographers * and people in general * for at least 4 years each.

  7. J-J    Wed Jun 21, 09:50 PM #  

    I think the pics from Miami are cool too and sure those hipsters NyC hipster pics are cooler but in the end is just pics of people drunk at a club

  8. alesh    Wed Jun 21, 09:58 PM #  

    Brent~ Thanks for your input into my editorial policy. Believe it or not, a lot of those kids stop by here, too. I like to throw them a bone every now and again. When you’re presented with something that doesn’t interest you, you have roughly three options: (1) expand your horizon, (2) ignore, and (3) sod off and read some other blog, which are, i think, not an unreasonable set of alternatives. Also, I know how distant and cliched the whole “it’s my blog and i’ll do as i please” thing must sound by now, but take my word – it’s vividly, thrillingly present for me. Anything that can be even remotely interpreted as a personal attack makes me think that i’m doing all sorts of things right. Please keep commenting – I can’t be critical without relishing some criticism pointed back at me.

    As for Delicious and Jesus, I’ll just say that (points deducted for not getting your shit straight) and are all well and good; in terms of sheer interestingness, I give Jipsy’s pictures the edge.

    Then again, the notion that those guys are “the original” and she’s “copying” them is so wrongheaded that it would actually miss the point to call it incorrect. It’s probably more like idiotic.

    More to the point, re “just dont tell your subjects you are photographing them and you’ll get similar results,” have you ever actually tried that? It doesn’t work. And re the “Tipsy Jipsy” comment, I would say that gratuitous nasty comments directed at people who are doing constructive things will not be tolerated. “Ban IP” is not a particularly elegant or satisfying weapon, so don’t make me go there.

    Other then that, keep bustin.

  9. J-J    Wed Jun 21, 10:56 PM #  

    “Then again, the notion that those guys are “the original” and she’s “copying” them is so wrongheaded that it would actually miss the point to call it incorrect.”

    Well said alesh! The idea that is more “original” or “authentic” is ridiculous. I guess I like the NYC pics a little better because I have never been to those clubs, so they seem more glamorous but like I said the Miami pics by nefariousgirl are cool too.

  10. Delicious    Wed Jun 21, 11:42 PM #  

    Ummmmm. CobraSnake lives on the West Coast, not NYC. “Cool points deducted.” And I think how you avoided the age thing – from the very first post. “Cool points deducted.”

  11. Manola BBB    Thu Jun 22, 01:48 PM #  

    Hey Alesh, I don’t mind this post at all. Clearly anyone who reads your blog on a regular basis will know you are not just about THAT.

    In any case, do you know Tomas Loewy? I wrote an article about him in Miami Living. Check out his site for some additionally groovy photos … and guess where he’s from?

  12. Brent    Thu Jun 22, 03:09 PM #  

    Hey Alesh. I see that you didn’t answer my question. Was wondering how old you are? That was my only question, as I see nightlife postings are here to stay. Fine. Thanks for replying.

    Btw: I’m 43, probably right near your prime demographic, more so than the nightlife crowd. Thanks for answering. Call me Mr. Curious.

  13. tgrizz    Thu Jun 22, 03:37 PM #  

    Well said Alesh,

    If anyone knows Jipsy you know how sincere she is. Opinions are greats but negative, rude comments are for closed mined idiots that have nothing better than to compare their life to what someone else says is cool. Who says NYC pics are better anyway. I don’t see half naked, assholes, making fools out of themselves people in Jipsy’s photos like . Age also does not have any thing to do with it unless you are childish. Too each his/her own!

  14. alesh    Thu Jun 22, 04:32 PM #  

    Thanks, J-J.

    Delicious~ I don’t remember saying anything about NYC… it’s more of a Miami/Not-Miami thing.

    Thanks Manola ~ I’d never heard of Loewy, but it turns out he’s one of my people!

    Brent~ Yeah, I’m being coy about my age. No particular reason; just don’t feel like giving it on request. It’s funny you should mention demographics, though. I’ll have to give that some thought. Maybe.

    tgrizz~ i haven’t met Jipsy but i’ve talked to folks who have and they all say she’s very genuine and not at all a scenester.

  15. Delicious    Fri Jun 23, 01:00 AM #  

    This is pathetic. Your site is playing catch-up to the photography circuit, but you try to represent Miami? Reduce all the cool points for me you want. Jesus. You can’t even tell people your age!!! That’s so absurd when you have a site that has an opinion on the dirt and life of everything in this city. What are you, 40? Sorry honey, but your out of your league. Have you even been out to these clubs Jipsy goes to? Have you been to PS14, Revolver at Studio A?? J-J said CobraSnake, oh sorry, THETHETHECobraSnake was from NYC. He’s not, he just has an opinion about stuff he knows nothing about. You don’t have a clue babe. Embarrassing. You should blog about the weather and traffic reports. Not what goes on after 9 p.m. Hug your nightlight babes.

  16. alesh    Fri Jun 23, 06:50 AM #  

    OK, dude, whatever you say. But keep in mind that for the purposes of this conversation, you have reduced yourself to the status of an anonymous troll. Have fun out there.

  17. jipsy    Fri Jun 23, 12:51 PM #  

    alesh – thanks.


    Knock off??? So then you know that LastNightsParty is a knockoff of Allan Tannenbaum (nyc nightlife in THE 70s).

    I love cobra & lastnight, but Allan Tannenbaum is the original. IF ANYTHING – Merlin’s style looks a lot like like Allans.

    As for the ‘subjects’: its not only about the people – its the party who is the star.

    Thanks again for going to the site.

  18. speak out girl    Fri Jun 23, 02:10 PM #  

    I heart the following…...

    Nefarious Girl / Jipsy (you tell em girl)
    Studio A
    Ignore Magazine
    Critical Miami

    Making Miami a better place. Stop hating bitches.

  19. that guy    Mon Jun 26, 03:54 PM #  

    I do this too in some city in the Northern Hemisphere. I would dare to say I appreciate the fact that someone takes the time and effort to do something a little more creative than the “take 249723407384 with my CoolPix and upload them all” approach that 90 percent of the “party coverage” websites seem to do.

    I wouldn’t sweat the detractors if I was Jipsy. There’s always gonna be detractors and critics. Go out, do you thing, and let the Jesus from Nazareth types stay in New York and pretend that they’re in the center of the universe.

  20. nicfitkid    Tue Jun 27, 01:56 AM #  

    Hey, isn’t the orange haired dancer in #7 Lolo from Sweat Records?

  21. alesh    Tue Jun 27, 09:24 PM #  

    You bet it is, Nic. All sorts of familiar faces pop up in J’s photos. Let’s hear it for Lolo and Sweat Records!