Monday June 19, 2006

It’s a funny thing about RSS readers: they track everyhing going on at your blog. So even though Miamity is dead [sob!!], I can tell that Kyle recently updated the Filling Out The New Times Poll post. No idea what he changed, but it’s still worth reading.



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  1. Christian Calzadillas    Tue Jun 20, 08:17 AM #  

    Speaking of RSS… Do you think will ever work? I click on the RSS symbol in Firefox’s address bar, add a live bookmark, and I always get “Live Bookmark Feed failed to load”. works ok, but title-less posts, such as this one, never show up in my feed reader (or in Firefox’s live bookmarks).

  2. mkh    Tue Jun 20, 09:07 AM #  

    Is this what you were talking about on Hidden City, Alesh? I think the issue was that my web host was whacking around my default page (index.html stopped auto-loading) so I had to republish several times yesterday to get it to show up.

  3. alesh    Tue Jun 20, 09:23 AM #  

    Yeah… i guess I should shut my trap, because i know nothing about RSS. Textpattern does all the work, and I just sit idly by. BUT the short titleless posts DO show up in my Bloglines feed (with titles, unfortunately).

    One day I’ll learn to hack RSS (maybe with feedburner?).

    Meanwhile, I believe the secret atom feed lives at Give that a shot, though I don’t see how/why it would be any different from the XML version.