Monday June 19, 2006

Here I live two blocks away and I had no idea that Apple was building a store on Lincoln Rd. wft?



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  1. mkh    Mon Jun 19, 07:06 AM #  

    There’s already one church on Lincoln, so I guess this is within zoning regulations.

  2. Manola BBB    Mon Jun 19, 09:49 AM #  

    Oh yeah, Alesh! I heard about this almost a year ago when I was doing some job hunting. I’m sure Fanless will be thrilled and the opening day event will surely have to be covered.

    I’m thrilled too. I work on a Mac. I love Lincoln Road. But now with Banana Republic, The Gap, what else? I sort of miss the old little bead shop that was taken down, the funky store that used to be where Apple is going to set up shop (you could get the monkey sculptures there) ...

  3. tgrizz    Mon Jun 19, 10:16 PM #  

    And don’t forget there is always free wireless at the Apple stores as well, right across from (conquer the world) Starbucks!
    I heard it is suppose to open sometime in July!