Thursday June 15, 2006

What's up with Johnny Winton?

johnny got his ass beat

Jim DeFede wonders why Johnny Winton hasn’t been charged yet over . . . well, you remember. It’s been four weeks since the incident, and the prosecuting attorneys have not filed any charges. DeFede and others suspect preferential treatment, on account of Winton being a city commissioner. Well, maybe so.

I have another theory, though, and I’m running Johnny’s mugshot just so you can see what he looked like after the incident. The story is that he head-butted one of the cops, kneed the other in the groin, and then, after the scuffle, got loose and “fell against a wall.” That (the wall) is how he allegedly messed up his face. That’s the official version of the story. Well so OK, i’m not buying it. My theory, if you’d indulge some rampant speculation, goes roughly like this: Winton was drunk off his ass, attacked the cops, and they beat the living shit out of him, slamming his head against the wall. Doesn’t that jibe a little better with the photo?

Because I’m sorry, but if you’re drunk and attack two cops, they’ll have you under control very very quickly. How, then, do you subsequently get loose enough to wander around and fall into a wall?

If I’m right and the cops beat him up, then suddenly the lack of charges starts to make sense, no? The prosecutor cut a deal (or is in the process of cutting a deal) with Winton: we’ll let you slide if you let us slide. Works for me.

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  1. Rick    Thu Jun 15, 08:51 PM #  

    I’ve heard that one of the reasons cops band together is because much of the public can only say critical things about them and only see them as a menace. Sometimes the only people they can trust are their “brother” officers who know what they’re up against day in and day out.

    It’s kinda funny that when the shit hits the fan for many of these people who are always complaining about cops that the first person on the scene to help them out is…you got it…a cop.

    Perhaps I’m totally naive to think that the report that was written by the arresting officer was nothing but factual and that maybe, just maybe, politics has something to do with the delay. But until there’s a reason to believe otherwise, I’m not going to lay something on a couple police officers just because they’re cops. I have too much respect for them and the job they do for our community.

    We’ll see what happens. If it turns out that things went down the way the cops said, I would sure hope that you would devote as much of your space to that news as you did to your above theory.

  2. alesh    Fri Jun 16, 08:02 AM #  

    (Does the phrase “rampant speculation” mean anything to you?)

    Is it possible that he “fell against a wall”? Sure, it’s possible.

    Most cops are good people, who do a difficult and dangerous job. But a significant minority of them are assholes who abuse their power, sometimes ruining people’s lives in the process. I have a serious issue with people abusing the power that they are given.

  3. Jesus from Nazareth    Fri Jun 16, 12:46 PM #  

    WTF happened to Criticalmiami? Can you fucking talk about the story a little bit so I can decide whether or not I want to click on the billion links that you have per article? Jesus fucking Christ!

  4. jordan    Fri Jun 16, 03:05 PM #  

    Alesh, I think this Winton guy needs me to paint his (this) portrait – what do ya think?

  5. Brook    Fri Jun 16, 03:22 PM #  

    Yeah! Nice size Canvas Jordan 72” x 60”... get the crusting of the blood on the side of his head to shine!

  6. Hank    Fri Jun 16, 05:15 PM #  

    Your theory sounds dead on. Winton is 5’2, old and out of shape. Did he really take on 2 cops. They appointed an outside prosecutor in order to avoid conflict of interest so what’s the delay? i think the cops didn’t like someone trying to pull rank and they beat the crap out of him.

  7. J Walker    Mon Jun 19, 06:43 PM #  

    After Winton is suspended by Gov Bush we hope Mayor Diaz allows an election. We hear he wants to appoint another lackey like Jeffrey Allen. Remember him?

    Let the residents decide.

  8. Exposing Johnny from the Inside    Wed Jun 21, 12:25 PM #  

    As many of you know, Johnny Winton is a Real Estate Developer. So why did run for City Commissioner of Miami? Real Estate Development!
    Johnny is currently invested in 8 high rise condominiums in Miami. Can anyone say “Conflict of Interest”? Wonder why there are all these problems with High Rise Condo construction in Miami (violating by laws, breaking codes, deaths, etc.) with no enforcement? Someone is protecting their investment. Ask Johnny!!!