Wednesday June 14, 2006

FIU president’s salary to jump to $542,600. This is an embarrassment; my friends just graduated from the BFA program there, and the freaking Fine Arts department couldn’t even scrape together a thousand dollars to print them a little catalog of their work. Folks who’ve had experiences with other departments talk about the poor management that goes on at all levels. I mean, they waited years to build a couple of parking garages, meanwhile rabidly ticketing students who tried to eke out a parking space here or there.



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  1. Tere    Wed Jun 14, 07:58 AM #  

    My years in FIU were the worst, most wasted years of my life. Ever. I can, in all sincerity, say that – except for the technical aspects of broadcasting – I did not learn a single thing. Nothing that’s been of any use whatsoever, anyway.

    What I remember the most is my intense desperation to get the hell out of there. So much so, in fact, that I took 6 classes per semester and did summers full time just so I could get out of there one year ahead of schedule.

    ARGH. Everything about that place was inept. And useless.

  2. alesh    Wed Jun 14, 08:20 AM #