Friday June 9, 2006

Something Awful Friday

production still from Something Awful

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  1. harumi    Fri Jun 9, 10:49 AM #  

    Alesh! saturday at dorsh’s show is gonna be very hot, fresh, raw, young, new awesome young emerging talent….

  2. alesh    Fri Jun 9, 11:02 AM #  

    Is Dorsch’s AC up and running? If not, it’ll be hot alright.

  3. Rebecca Carter    Fri Jun 9, 02:25 PM #  

    An Inconvenient Truth opens today in the movie theaters at AMC Sunset Place, Regal South Beach, and Sunrise Intracoastal. I saw it last night and it was worth seeing.

  4. Steve Klotz    Fri Jun 9, 07:12 PM #  

    You spelled theatER correctly.

  5. Manola BBB    Fri Jun 9, 11:04 PM #  

    Manola got a press badge to eXXXotica this weekend at Miami Beach Convention Center … my oh my, the beach ridden with scantily clad so-called sexy people … my oh my, what else is new???

    Expect a full report soon! :-)

  6. harumi    Sat Jun 10, 11:53 AM #  

    yeah… AC is not running yet, so be prepare and wear somehting light or nothing….