Wednesday June 7, 2006

Miami ranks #29 in SustainLane’s 2006 study of US cities. According to the study, we do well in air quality (#7), and, shockingly, in public transportation (#13), and poorly in local agriculture (#45) and disaster risk (#50). (via Greener Miami/MAeX)



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  1. Franklin    Wed Jun 7, 08:56 AM #  

    Boston ranks #8. “Boston has successfully preserved much of its history while effectively preparing for its future.” Hope you all are doing well down there.

  2. wormhole    Wed Jun 7, 09:35 AM #  

    public transportation at #13. Are you sure it’s not #130?!

  3. bad air    Wed Jun 7, 10:20 AM #  

    anyone who ranks miami’s air quality at #7 obviously doesn’t live in the CONDOBOOM around Biscayne Blvd. we have paint speckles and golfball-sized dust particles for breakfast and brunch. i’ve thought about leaving yucky fly-tape up to see what it catches when i come home (besides strays).