Wednesday May 31, 2006

Salzinger at ArtCenter

stereoview image with breast masturbation toy

Holy crap: my pal Samantha Salzinger just got written up in New Times by Carlos Suarez De Jesus for the show at ACSF her work is in:

Through the other viewer one gazes upon an alpine clearing where a rubber replica of a porn star’s breasts bursts from a patch of daisies and heaves toward the clouds. One is immediately struck by these works’ shared sensibility with glory holes found in seedy XXX book shops that allow perverts to drop in on the action in coin-operated film booths.

Good job. Samantha worked super hard on these and she deserves to get some credit. If you’re extra slick, you might be able to can stare at the above images, cross your eyes, and get a taste of the 3d effect (though you need to check them out in person to see how amazing they really look).

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  1. oldswish    Wed May 31, 08:24 PM #  

    Just caught the show the otherday and was very impressed with the Salzinger pieces and felt the show was really good, Jazzar has a great eye and Carlos really should take another look before dissing the rest of the artists.

  2. cohen    Thu Jun 1, 10:24 AM #  

    im going today full report by nitetime

  3. Franklin    Thu Jun 1, 10:54 AM #  

    Sam deserves it on her own merits, but it’s not hard to see why CSdJ latched on to her work.

  4. alesh    Thu Jun 1, 08:05 PM #  

    Carlos is pretty funny: he looked up the official names of the sex toys in the picture. PoW.

  5. KH    Fri Jun 2, 01:39 AM #  

    Franklin: ha! That’s just what I was thinking. And that’s the sad part—that’s when the artists suffer.

  6. Tiki    Fri Jun 2, 09:25 AM #  

    He just doesn’t get it.