Tuesday May 30, 2006

RIP stupid flyover

63 st flyover w/ truck knocked flat on its ass
Image: City Debate

For those who haven’t had a personal relationship with the concrete slab at 63rd street on the Beach, it might seem astounding how much sentiment has been shed over its impending destruction. The 63rd Street Flyover is a menace: it’s just about the width of a regular lane, with no shoulders whatsoever. Driving it is (was?) always a hair-raising experience, followed by a sense of accomplishment upon each successful traversal. My dad, ever the daredevil, liked to joke (?) about taking it a little bit faster each and every time. Driving underneath it is no better: two lanes are split by the boatlike concrete median which houses a thick supporting column. The underside of the flyover itself is missing chunks where too tall box trucks slammed right into it.

So I feel for the North Beach residents who are so upset to see it go. But I don’t think traffic concerns are the reason for their consternation. I think the love/hate relationship with this thing, of which I’ve only had a taste, is the issue. How could someone live with something this insane for so long (the flyover dates back to the 1950’s) and not have an emotional relationship with it? Then FDOT comes along and just decides we’re better off without it? Oh, the bittersweet taste of progress!

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  1. Tiki    Tue May 30, 09:06 AM #  

    What is it with you and the word “stupid”? Drop it altogether!

  2. oldswish    Tue May 30, 09:43 AM #  

    Back in the seventies, when Qualludes were legal, it was the only sure fire way to ensured you wouldn’t mess up any cars other than your own as you navigated north. We actually called it the Quallude shoot. How I miss the bad old days…

  3. lackner    Tue May 30, 09:58 AM #  

    That intersection (?) is a disaster, but it does bring back fond memories of driving home with my dad when he worked in Bal Harbour. Also seeing Ferraris stuck in puddles along those stretches of Collins after a major rain. Ahhh the memories.

  4. wormhole    Tue May 30, 04:02 PM #  

    i actually saw a 18 wheeler get stuck. I think u can tell by the black smudges on the structure.

  5. speaking of flyovers    Tue May 30, 08:34 PM #  

    Did you see the news about the flyover at Alton and 5th St. today? A truck w/ an oversized load on the flyover knocked into the steel guardrails and one was flung INTO the windshield of a car below. Miracle the person wasn’t seriously injured. Next flyover demolition countdown begins today…..

  6. conductor    Wed May 31, 11:52 PM #  

    I’ve never ridden on that particular fly-over but I’ve driven under it and marveled at the scars on the underside many times.

  7. Vrat    Thu Jun 1, 10:15 AM #  

    I take that daredevil as a compliment.

  8. alesh    Thu Jun 1, 08:11 PM #  

    Hey, y’all, my pops is in the hiz’ouse!

    Which reminds me: in the course of teaching me to downshift into 2nd gear (stickshift) to whip through a tight turn, my dad explained that there are several stages of seriousness to driving, and that the final stage is death. The 2nd gear downshift maneuver elevates one to the next level, as does (this i’ve learned more recently) stopping a sports car by downshifting only, without using the break.

    So yes, it’s a compliment. I would also add that zipping through the 63rd street flyover at 45mph is great fun for the driver, somewhat less fun for any passengers that may be in the car.