Wednesday May 24, 2006

What's up with the Merrick statue?

statue of merrick
Image: Miami Transit

Here’s the new statue of George Merrick, the crafty bastard who created Coral Gables. Doesn’t something seem a little funny about it? I’m comparing the statue with the photo of Merrick here, and it strikes me as a bit cartoonish and almost, well, squat. Is it the photo? Tere’s photo looks a little different (although some of her commenters thought it looked funny). Hmm . . . maybe it’s best enjoyed in person.

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  1. Manola BBB    Wed May 24, 11:55 AM #  

    He’s got the no-neck look going and a pretty sly smirk. You know he kinda looks more like Desi Arnaz!

  2. Pulp    Wed May 24, 12:30 PM #  

    I like the prop in his hand. That’s not phallic at all, it’s just blueprints for an erection.

  3. cohen    Wed May 24, 06:19 PM #  

    a blue erection

  4. alesh    Wed May 24, 07:27 PM #  

    Yeah . . . the smirk is cool. The short tie is cool, too. But, and I don’t care how high he wore his pants in real life, there’s no excuse for the 2:1 legs to torso ratio. That’s just mean realism on the part of the sculptor.

  5. Manola BBB    Wed May 24, 08:17 PM #  

    Ha ha ha!!! But how else to accomodate that giant erection????

  6. Franklin    Wed May 24, 08:25 PM #  

    We should do a side-by-side comparison with the nigh-dead rendition of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas at Fairchild.

  7. merrickerector    Sat May 27, 09:56 AM #  

    That squat statue of Merrick (who was not a good looking man, tall or short) definitely has a big bronze boner if viewed from the south (lejeune rd. biltmore way, etc.) – hope he has gets some mighty strong lube and condoms for his statue on statue action.