Tuesday May 23, 2006


Oh, boy, here’s something everybody already knows about: local hip-hop duo ¡Mayday! teamed up with the amazing Cee-Lo Green and DJ Craze for the song Groundhog Day. The video, shot in Miami (it doesn’t represent quite to the extent of the Rick Ross video, but it’s pretty damned good), got uploaded to YouTube a week ago, and has become the most popular video there of all time. But nevermind the stats: the video is a funny tribute to Miami visuals (shot on Washington ave and around downtown, including shots on the Metromover), the song is a tribute to (I think) working in an office all day and doing coke all night (and samples a line about TPS reports from Office Space), and the beat is old-school and super-mellow. What’s not to like? (via R: 1, 2)

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