Monday May 22, 2006

You heard the one where Miami is paying $2 million to ‘exercise’ a train because of construction delays at MIA? Well, it gets better: turns out the terminal project is now a full $500 million over budget and the Herald is calling for a re-thinking of the whole thing.

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  1. NicFitKid    Mon May 22, 11:42 AM #  

    Critical Miami readers, I will be happy to exercise your cars as a free service to the community. Simply leave the keys in the ignition and I will stop by at my convenience. My most common exercise routines for your vehicles will include a trip to the Deuce, followed by some donuts in the overpass parking lot near SoHo Lounge to alarm the sensitive indie kids.

    Please, no hoopties, and rear wheel drive with sufficient horsepower is preferred.

  2. John    Mon May 22, 07:43 PM #  

    Well for that price tax payers could basically have had two Los Angeles PAC’s. Wait a minute, the private sector paid for their PAC, which has been received much better than that architectural monstrosity we have. Oh, well. As Jeb Bush’s buddies from the construction giant Odebrect owned by a Nazi and his offspring says, “Next time”. (Did I mention Oderbrecht also constructed the metro mover, the metro rail, the Miami Arena, American Airlines Arena, and is the largest construction contract at MIA? Did I also mention they were some of the biggest donors to the FL Repubican Party, Jeb, W. and George I, and a host of Miami-Dade Republicans supported by Jeb? Did I mention that half the government of Brazil had to resign because it was discovered Odebrecht had bribed them and continues to do so even today?)