Monday May 22, 2006

Ice skating


Ice skating seems like a natural fit for the hot, muggy months in Miami. Yet the only ice skating rink I knew about (up by FIU North) was torn down years ago. For the last few months I’ve been on a quest for ice skating, and it turns out it was under my nose the whole time: a friend pointed out that the Scott Rakow ice rink has public skate on Tuesdays and Saturdays, 8 – 10 pm (plus teen night on Fridays).

We stopped by last week (it was on Tuesday, and it was rainy, probably hence the relative emptiness of the place), and it was great. The serious skaters show up early and zip around, doing spins and jumps and and skating backwards (which I fell on my ass trying to replicate), along with a few couples. There was also a family with a few cool kids. I’m sure it’s kind of a crazy social scene on the weekends; the Tuesday thing is probably better for novices and serious skaters. Either way, though: FUN. $9 for adults, $6 for kids, $3 for Miami Beach residents(!), which includes skate rental. Here’s a Mapquest link, otherwise you’ll never find it.

And yes, there’s also the Kendall Ice Arena.

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  1. Manola BBB    Mon May 22, 01:21 PM #  

    This was my regular haunt for a while! I miss it so much, but my knees gave out and it will take devoted months of therapy to get back onto the ice for serious practice.

    I think there’s still an adult only and quite empty session from 12-2 PM (for those of us who are self-employed slugs). In the summer the adult hours are reduced or eliminated altogether to accomodate kid summer camps.

    Yep, on Sunday ‘family’ day it’s total mayhem! You do less skating and more avoiding trying to kill a small child or being killed by a pre-pubescent 300 lb hockey player wanna be. I don’t recommend it unless you have kids and don’t care about actually skating.

    When they tore down the North Miami rink it really sucked. A mega-sized car dealer operation brought the property. So until Scott Rakow remodeled and increased the size of its rink, there was no where to go but way West Kendall or Broward. There are rinks in Sunrise, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood and Pompano. The one in Pembroke Pines also has two rinks, which is great for more practice space. THe one in Pompano has kiddie parties, but on the bonus side you can have a hot chocolate during the zamboni break!

  2. Tere    Mon May 22, 02:09 PM #  

    Awesome. I love ice skating.

    BTW, since you once wrote about it… Neiman Barkus shut down and the owner is basically broke. Herald story in the Metro section…

  3. Johnny Cuban    Wed May 24, 08:20 AM #  

    The Kendall Ice Arena is open to everybody, and it has the same $9. price (including skate rentals) for everybody. On some days/hours it is only $6. including skate rentals.