Thursday May 18, 2006

That’s right – buy it bitch. White Dade (see here for a dubious explanation of the name) brings this rant, which starts out as a guide to partying smart, and devolves rapidly into a misogynistic tirade. Oh, well. It’s difficult to get too upset with a guy who lists “Bob Seger, Bruce Springsten, John Mellencamp, Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue” at the top of his “favorite music” list.

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  1. KH    Thu May 18, 11:37 AM #  

    That guy is a total piece of merde.

    Talk about objectification!

  2. Manola BBB    Thu May 18, 12:01 PM #  

    Just gave that adolescent a good talking-to … you know I couldn’t resist! :-)

  3. Tere    Thu May 18, 02:19 PM #  

    Wow, how sad. And that guy actually thinks he’s some sort of catch? Because no.

  4. NicFitKid    Thu May 18, 03:04 PM #  

    Ah, a drunken, ethno-phobic misogynist in Miami, just what we need to round out the SFL blogosphere. Cheers, White Dade dude!

  5. Franklin    Thu May 18, 03:37 PM #  

    White Dade 1, Hot Chick 0? I guess I missed the part where he got laid.

    Loser alkie trash is ubiquitous, but $25 for a couple of drinks? That’s criminal.

  6. White Dade    Thu May 18, 03:43 PM #  

    Hey, do not knock my taste it music. That is purely subjective. And who said I was out to get laid? I was out to get drunk cheap. Sex is just a nice occasional byproduct.

  7. alesh    Fri May 19, 10:13 AM #  

    Yes, I was admiring the part about getting free drinks; I wish there’d been more on that.

    But good music is NOT subjective. Hey, I liked Poison and the Cure too . . . WHEN I WAS 14!! And John Fucking Mellencamp? That’s just offensive.

  8. KH    Fri May 19, 03:20 PM #  

    Uh, Franklin? Why is it again that you don’t like it when you think I call you a chauvinist?

    Because the problem with White Dade is not that he didn’t get “laid”; there’s a lot more that is foul about White Dade’s whole blog besides a reference to $25 drinks.

    We women would like our male friends to call COMPLETE AND TOTAL BULLSHIT on guys like White Dade; when you don’t, well, it puts us to thinking that maybe you agree with some of his attitudes . . .

  9. John    Fri May 19, 05:53 PM #  

    Okay, i didn’t know that WD was serious about 9/10ths of what he posts. (That music list is proof positive.)Obviously he is sometimes being very straight but at times I think he is making fun of himself and the preposterous situation of being White in Dade, which if you think about is funny as hell. There is also a little bit of comic-serious commentary in there if you care to fish it out.

    As far as the some of his descriptions of escapades, he obviously isn’t writing a journal or “how to”. He’s got jokes and he depicts himself as a character/caricature in them. I mean he says he’s Jewish and then traffics is silly sterotypes where, for the sake of the story, he isn’t.

    And, KH, Dude reminds us of an an immature version of ourselves or our buddies. I look at old frat pics which were taken just a few years back but I’m like “who the fuck IS this dude?”, while at the same time thinking, “he seems content enough”. WD was in one of those pictures, to the right, with the t shirt bearing the words “Penis Envy?” (I had the “Want A Dirty Sanchez” T shirt with the mock up of me with a sombrero hat on I think.) ;)